Defibrillator analyzers; ultrasound field service.

 Defibrillator analyzers
BC Group (St Louis) announces a new line of BC biomedical defibrillator analyzers: the DA-2006 (without pacing capabilities) and the DA-2006P (with pacing capabilities). The DA-2006 series are microprocessor-based instruments. Used in the testing of defibrillators, they measure the energy output and provide information about the pulse. They can be used on manual, semiautomatic, and automatic defibrillators with biphasic or monophasic outputs. The DA-2006P model provides a transcutaneous pacemaker-analysis function. It measures and displays pacer pulse information as well as performs refractory period, sensitivity, and immunity testing. The DA-2006 series has a unique protection for the pacing board. Its main features include: fully AED compatible, 5,000 V, 1,000 J capacity, cardioversion delay measurement, charge-time measurement, graphics display with simultaneous detailed status of parameters and scrolling control of options, 10 lead ECG/arrhythmia/performance simulator, a full graphics display with a bright white LED backlight, and simple setup and operation using drop-down menus. (800) 242-8428;

 Ultrasound Field Service
Echoserve (Golden, Colo) has expanded its business to include multi-vendor ultrasound field service. Echoserve specializes in the depot repair of ultrasound parts and probes and the field service of ultrasound equipment. It specializes in GE, Philips, and Siemens machines. For GE, the company services GE Logiq 200, Logiq 400/500, Logiq 700, Logiq 7, Logiq 9, Vivid 3, Vivid 5, Vivid 7, Vivid 9, and Voluson products. For Philips, Echoserve services all of the HDI products and Sonos cardiology machines. For Siemens, it provides support for all Acuson products and Antares and Elegra machines. Echoserve services customers in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, Kansas, and Nebraska. It has field-service contracts and “billable” (time and materials) service. Additionally, Echoserve provides extensive technical support for PACS networks to health care providers and asset-management companies. (877) 386-3246;