)Hamilton Medical Inc
Hamilton Medical Inc (Reno, Nev) offers a new version of its RAPHAEL Color ventilator, complete with noninvasive ventilation (NIV) and tube resistance compensation (TRC). The NIV mode is designed to compensate leaks and can decrease the need for intubation and promote early extubation. TRC reduces the patient’s work of breathing while on the RAPHAEL, and offsets the flow resistance imposed by the endotracheal or tracheostomy tube. The RAPHAEL Color ventilator is a compact biphasic ventilator, and it is designed for use in the ICU, the recovery room, and in transit between them. It is ideal for smaller community and rural hospitals; special care areas, including ICUs; cardiac surgery recovery areas; step-down units; subacute care units; and long-term care centers.
(800) 426-6331;

 )Fluke Biomedical
Fluke Biomedical (Everett, Wash) offers the VT PLUS HF, a versatile ventilator tester and gas-flow analyzer. It is designed with special modes for analyzing mechanical patient ventilators, including high-frequency oscillatory ventilators. The VT PLUS HF is also equipped with a command set to use the VT PLUS HF like the RT-200.

In addition, the VT PLUS HF can evaluate the performance of many other respiratory devices, including insufflators, medical gas and vacuum outlets, pressure gauges, flowmeters, aspiratory and suction devices, and anesthesia units.

With its unique ability to test bidirectional flow, analyze results, and troubleshoot respiratory devices, the VT PLUS HF saves many hours of manual work for the technician. (800) 44-FLUKE;

 )Smiths Medical PM Inc
The babyPAC™ Emergency and Transport Ventilator from Smiths Medical PM Inc (Waukesha, Wis) is specifically designed to deliver ventilation to small, fragile lungs with precision and confidence, and its MRI compatibility allows flexible transport throughout the hospital. The unique variable gas-mixing system extends cylinder life and allows precise selection of oxygen concentration while incorporating a comprehensive range of features to help control and monitor ventilation parameters at all times. Small and lightweight, the babyPAC mounts easily on the side of an incubator or an IV pole, making it ideal for use in the hospital or during emergency situations. (800) 558-2345;

VersaMed (Pearl River, NY) offers the versatile, ICU class iVent201 ventilator. In VersaMed’s continuing commitment to providing cutting-edge products that can be used throughout the continuum of care, the company created a full-featured, transportable, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-compatible, critical care invasive and noninvasive ventilator. With its advanced features, patients will be comfortable throughout the trip to the MRI suite or anywhere they need to go—even home. (800) 475-9239;

 )Viasys Healthcare Inc
The Vela™ ventilator by VIASYS Healthcare Inc (Conshohocken, Pa) is intended for use in both intensive care and subacute settings to care for both pediatric and adult patients. Its compact size, integrated turbine, and 6-hour battery support the patient throughout the continuum of care. The Vela features Simple Touch™ operation to provide easy access to critical patient data in real time and in a 24-hour trend presentation. The LCD screen clearly displays breaths as a waveform or loop for in-depth analysis. (800) 328-4139;