Safety-enhanced IV system; steel-enclosed large-screen LCDs; and patient-positioning products introduced; and a new probe-repair facility opened.

 Safety-Enhanced IV System
Cardinal Health Inc (San Diego) has released the next generation of its Alaris System with Guardrails Suite MX safety software. The new “smart pump” system contains several new safety features, including a bar-code reader that enables medication verification for intravenious (IV) drugs at the point of care, and a patient-controlled analgesia pause protocol to help minimize the risk of patient respiratory depression during pain-management therapy. The comprehensive IV-safety system is available for all types of infusions and has the ability to protect both total dose and duration of intermittent drug infusions, including chemotherapy. (800) 854-7128;

 Steel-Enclosed Large-Screen LCDs
Quest International Inc (Irvine, Calif) introduces NEC Display Solution’s new line of large-screen LCDs. The new series includes the 32-inch MultiSync LCD3210, the 40-inch MultiSync LCD4010, and the 46-inch MultiSync LCD4610. They all offer improved visibility and color uniformity, even in high-ambient-light environments.

Quest pairs NEC large-screen displays with liquid-resistant, stainless steel enclosures and mobile display carts. Designed to protect a large-screen investment, the stainless steel enclosure completely encases the LCD and is finished with an optically perfect sheet of glass, which meets the demands of surgical suites and operating rooms. (800) 231-6777;

 Patient-Positioning Products
Fluke Biomedical, Radiation Management Services (Cleveland) has expanded its Halcyon product line to include a broader range of patient-positioning products. The new Halcyon cantilever board allows for a full 360-degree treatment with minimal attenuation. The fully adjustable carbon fiber Halcyon Talon™ (Model 39-534) shoulder-depression system is designed to increase setup repeatability and reduce patient motion without requiring a large sheet of thermoplastic covering the shoulders.

In addition to the Halcyon cantilever board (Model 39-530), the Halcyon product line now includes a prone face-positioner set (Model 39-521), foam (Model 39-523) and clear plastic (Model 39-524) head supports in various sizes, a tilting radiolucent headboard (Model 39-506) for the cantilever board, and other accessories for fixing various boards to the treatment table for indexing accuracy. (440) 248-9300;

 New Probe-Repair Facility
Conquest Imaging (Stockton, Calif) has a new state-of-the-art probe-repair facility, which will open January 1, 2006. The 30,000-square-foot facility will accommodate all facets of probe repair, including cables, lenses, strain reliefs, arrays, and recoating. The transducer-repair team will provide loaner probes while probes are being repaired. (866) 900-9404;