Battery Analyzers
Cadex Electronics Inc, Richmond, BC, Canada, offers the C7 battery analyzers, an award-winning line of battery analyzers that is proven to increase battery performance and extend battery life. The two- and four-station analyzers can be programmed to perform almost any battery test on Ni-Cad, NiMH, Li-ion and SLA batteries. Connect the analyzer to a PC and use BatteryShop™ software to collect and monitor test results. (604) 231-7764;

 Power Strip
AIV Inc, Hanover, Md, offers The PowerMATE™, a versatile power strip that allows six inputs to be plugged into its three-angled faces. This angled design accommodates both power cords and bulky AC adapters that routinely waste more than two spaces along a conventional power strip. The PowerMATE mounts to a pole, wall, or cart, and easily attaches and detaches without tools. For more permanent attachment, an optional locking nut is included. The PowerMATE is manufactured with a 15-foot power cord and is listed to UL standard 962A. Get connected and plug into the PowerMATE.

 Cases and Kits
BC Group International Inc, St Louis, offers a wide variety of test tool kits for the biomedical industry. As part of its one-stop biomed shop, it can provide just about anything—from a replacement screwdriver to a complete tool kit. It is also able to help you design and build custom cases and kits that fit your particular needs and budget. BC Group offers more than 75 biomedical equipment lines plus its own BC Biomedical product line to help fill all of your test-equipment needs with easy online ordering. (800) 242-8428;

 Xenon Lamps
Bulbtronics Inc, Farmingdale, NY, offers Xenon lamps with focused, high-brightness white light color similar to daylight to be used in a variety of technical and medical applications including endoscopy, fiber optics, surgical illumination, surgical headlights, dental bleaching (whitening), spectro-fluorimeters, microscopy and fluorescence microscopy. Bulbtronics distributes 300-W (with and without timers), 170-W and 150-W xenons from GE, Ushio, Perkin Elmer, and others. (800) 654-8542;

Harvest Data Systems, New Port Richy, Fla, introduces its interface between its HarvestCEMS and the Fluke medTester. Users can upload test results directly into HarvestCEMS. Medtester information can be viewed as raw data or integrated into the HarvestCEMS program to be viewed as equipment-maintenance history. (727) 843-9832.

 Multipurpose kV Analyzer
Radcal Corp, Monrovia, Calif, introduces Accu-kV Technology with kV, Relative Dose Rate, and mA waveform output. This technology sets a new standard for all your diagnostic and mammography x-ray measurements. The user selects corrections for CU or Al filtration for diagnostic measurements. Accu-kV offers accuracy at its best for kVp-time-pulses and relative dose rate. With its stand-alone flexibility, it can connect to scope or computer control with data-capture and waveform software. (626) 357-7921.

 NIBP and ECG Simulator
Curbell Inc, Orchard Park, NY, is pleased to announce the addition of the SimCube NIBP, IBP, and ECG Simulator from Pronk technologies to its biomedical product line. The SimCube is portable, compact (3- x 3- x 3.5 inches), affordable, and easy to use, and lets the user quickly determine whether or not a monitor’s NIBP, IBP, and ECG features are working properly. The SimCube offers several presets for each test to allow easy and accurate simulation of a wide range of values. It even has Peak Detect to verify overpressure limits and a Pacer function to simulate a paced patient. No other simulator packs as many features into something the size of the SimCube. (716) 667-3377;

 Portable Incubator Tester
The INCU Incubator Analyzer by Fluke Biomedical, Carson City, Nev, is a portable device designed to verify the proper operation and environment of infant incubators. This unit records parameters important to the care of infants, such as airflow, sound level, temperature (four individual measurement probes), and relative humidity. Event markers can be placed on the recording to identify certain activities or periods. With its rechargeable battery, the unit can be placed within the incubator chamber for up to 35 hours and record data that can be viewed on the display or downloaded to a dedicated program. This allows the user to graphically view the various parameters. INCU combines all the parameters required by the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation and International Electrotechnical Commission to properly evaluate closed incubators or open warmers. (800) 648-7952;