Curbell (Orchard Park, NY) offers a full range of cables and leads for ECG and telemetry applications. The ECG cables use all FDA-grade materials, from the polyurethane cable jacket to the ink used for printing. Also, no latex or PVC is used, maximizing patient safety and comfort by minimizing the risk of bio-compatibility problems.

Curbell cables are not mass-produced or lot-sampled. Each one is assembled by hand and individually inspected to ensure the highest level of quality. Plus, they are designed to be used interchangeably with most original accessories.

The new Sure-Lock Electrode Clip is more secure than traditional button snaps and easier to use than pinch clips. The clip uses a patented mechanism that securely locks on to both snap and tab electrodes, putting an end to monitoring failures due to detached clips. It is available in full lead sets or individually for use with banana clips. (800) 235-7500;

 B&K Precision Corp
The Model 205 by B&K Precision Corp (Yorba Linda, Calif) is a portable, stand-alone cable/harness tester that can be used for testing any type of wired assembly with up to 128 points. A universal connector card is designed to accept up to 28 of the most commonly used cable connectors. It detects opens, shorts, and miswires in less than 50 nanoseconds.

The unique, user-configurable connector card allows the user to easily mix/match connector types and plugs into the tester with two 96-pin DIN connectors. The connector on the left side of the card, Side B, accommodates 64 receiver inputs, and the connector on the right side, Side A, accepts 64 driver outputs.

An easy-to-follow menu, displayed on the 2-line x 16-character LCD, simplifies testing and operations. During a test, a unique test pattern is transmitted from each driver. Battery-backup memory permits the storage of up to 50 nonstandard cable/wiring configurations. (714) 921-9095;

 Beta Biomed Services
Beta Biomed Services Inc (Rowlett, Tex) offers high-quality, cost-efficient repair, rebuild, or replacement of all major manufacturers of pulse oximeter finger-sensor cables and includes a 1-year warranty. Beta Biomed has adult series, pediatric, ear, and omni-site “Y” sensors.

The company also repairs fetal-monitoring cables (toco and ultrasound), ECG-recording and ECG-monitoring cables, Holter monitors, and Wright-type respirometers. Call for information on quantity discounts.

Beta Biomed Services incorporates the FDA Quality Systems Requirements (CGMP) and the International Quality Standards (ISO9001, EN46001, ISO13485, and MDD93/42EEC) in all areas of its facility. (800) 315-7551;

Bioconnect (San Diego), a division of RF Industries, introduces a series of one-piece trunk cables for electrophysiology monitoring to its medical cable product line. This flexible cable assembly is designed to withstand most chemical-sterilization and autoclave procedures. Cable durability and enhanced pull strength is achieved by extruding Dupont’s Kavlar® fibers parallel to the conductors during fabrication of the multiconductor, TPE-jacketed cable. The 20-cm (8-in) lead wires are color coded; jacketed with TPE; and terminated with shrouded, recessed gold DIN 2.0-mm (0.080-in) pins (DIN 42802-2) to meet FDA safety requirements (21 CFR 828). Cable configurations include 4, 10, 14, and 24 leads in several standard lengths with a variety of device-connector terminations. (800) 233-1728;