NIBP simulators; electro-medical tester; handheld maintenance-management module; and patient-positioning products introduced.

 NIBP Simulators
BC Group International Inc (St Louis) introduces a line of handheld NIBP simulators: the NIBP-1010, the NIBP-1020, the NIBP-1010KIT, and the NIBP-1020KIT. These microprocessor-based, SpO2-ready NIBP simulators were designed to meet the demand for a small, easy-to-use unit with multiple features. The NIBP pressure waveforms have a natural shape. The optional ECG waveforms are full QRS, and the respiration waveforms look real. A large graphics display—featuring cursor-selection of options and parameter setup—allows users to not only see what is going on digitally, but also to view a plot of the overall pressure or a close-up of the BP waveform. Other highlighted features include +/- 1% of reading-pressure accuracy; adult, neonatal, and hypertensive modes; digital calibration; and software-adjustable contrast.

In addition, they are Flash programmable. (888) 223-6763;

 Electromedical Tester
Rigel Medical (Peterlee, England) recently updated its multipurpose electromedical safety analyzer, the Rigel 277 Plus, with new features. Designed to test in accordance with all main industry standards, including IEC/EN 60601-1, MDA DB9801, and IEC/EN 61010, the Rigel 277 Plus can test medical equipment with multitype-applied parts in a single-test routine. The Rigel 277 Plus offers dedicated measuring devices for both IEC 60601 and IEC 61010; and provides manual, automatic, and semiautomatic test sequences to fully control and minimize the number of power-up and power-down delay times, thus speeding up the test routine.

In addition, the upgraded Rigel 277 Plus includes increased memory for additional test sequences, automatic transfer of the instrument’s serial number with test results, and menu shortcuts.All of the performance enhancements and operating improvements incorporated in the new Rigel 277 Plus can be added to earlier versions of the 277 tester as part of a special instrument-upgrade service.

 Handheld Maintenance-Management Module
MicroMain Corp (Austin, Tex) introduces the MicroMain xmMOBILE™ for Healthcare, a software module that allows hospital technicians to use Pocket PCs for maintenance tasks and inspections. This add-on module is used with MicroMain XM™ for Healthcare, a computerized maintenance-management system.

xmMOBILE for Healthcare can be used with a bar code scanner and supports a range of handheld devices using the Pocket PC operating system. Using this module, technicians can access work orders, complete tasks or inspections, enter pertinent comments, and update data at the point of work. Later, technicians can upload the data into the main database, which generates reports used for regulatory agencies, such as JCAHO.

Once hospital technicians upload their data from xmMOBILE, equipment risk assessment is associated with the work order in the main database. (512) 328-3235;

 Patient-Positioning Products
Fluke Biomedical, Radiation Management Services (Cleveland) has expanded its Halcyon product line to include a broader range of patient-positioning products.

The new Halcyon cantilever board allows for a full 360-degree treatment with minimal attenuation. The fully adjustable carbon fiber Halcyon Talon™ (Model 39-534) shoulder-depression system is designed to increase setup repeatability and reduce patient motion without requiring a large sheet of thermoplastic covering the shoulders.

In addition to the Halcyon cantilever board (Model 39-530), the Halcyon product line now includes a prone face-positioner set (Model 39-521), foam (Model 39-523 series) and clear plastic (Model 39-524 series) head supports in various sizes, a tilting radiolucent headboard (Model 39-506) for the cantilever board, and other accessories for fixing various boards to the treatment table for indexing accuracy. (440) 248-9300;