Portable incubator tester; cord-management solution; water mist extinguisher; and ventilator training and test lungs introduced.

Portable incubator tester; cord-management solution; water mist extinguisher; and ventilator training and test lungs introduced.

 Portable Incubator Tester
The INCU Incubator Analyzer by Fluke Biomedical (Carson City, Nev) is a portable device designed to verify the proper operation and environment of infant incubators. This unit records parameters important to the care of infants, such as airflow, sound level, temperature (four individual measurement probes), and relative humidity. Event markers can be placed on the recording to identify certain activities or periods.

With its rechargeable battery, the unit can be placed within the incubator chamber for up to 35 hours and record data that can be viewed on the display or downloaded to a dedicated program. This allows the user to graphically view the various parameters.

INCU combines all the parameters required by the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation and International Electrotechnical Commission to properly evaluate closed incubators or open warmers. (800) 648-7952; www.flukebiomedical.com.

  Cord-Management Solution
Evolution Medical Products (Deerfield, Ill) offers the Cord Caddy, a patented medical cord storage and retrieval system. Specifically designed for organizing and managing tangled monitor cords, the Cord Caddy improves efficiency, resulting in faster, less frustrating lead application. In addition, cords stored on the Cord Caddy are less likely to fall on the floor, thereby reducing infection and safety risks. Premature cord damage is also reduced, resulting in cost savings from fewer broken cord expenditures. Room appearance also is improved.

With the Cord Caddy, each specific cord is individually stored and immediately identifiable. Retrieval of a specific cord is instantaneous as a result of the quick-retrieval system. (877) 223-3999; www.cordcaddy.com.

 Water Mist Extinguisher
Amerex Corp (Trussville, Ala) introduces its Water Mist Fire Extinguisher, which effectively extinguishes Class A fires where a Class C (live electrical equipment) hazard exists, while not risking the health of patients, the elderly, and personnel members.

The weather- and corrosion-resistant extinguisher uses a water-based, nontoxic firefighting agent. Its unique, fine spray of deionized water leaves no residue, is nontoxic, and will not result in contamination. The extinguisher is available in both 6- and 9-liter units and can discharge a distance of 10–12 feet. It is made of all nonmagnetic materials and is tested by an independent lab to be safe in a Tesla-3 MRI environment. Additionally, its attachment wand provides operator safety and maximum visibility during discharge. Minimal training is required to operate the unit. (205) 655-3271; www.amerex-fire.com

 Ventilator Training and Test Lungs
Michigan Instruments Inc (Grand Rapids, Mich) offers the TTL® Training & Test Lungs and PneuView® software, which ensures patient safety through the simulation of human lungs. The system enables ventilator manufacturers to validate the safety of their products; therapists to learn the complexities of ventilator operations; and biomedical engineers to troubleshoot, resolve, and document difficult-to-re-create ventilator-performance issues. The software creates realistic duplications of clinical conditions in a nonclinical setting, which reduces the risk to the patient. (800) 530-9939; www.michiganinstruments.com.