Universal SPO2 and Patient Simulator
Sencore Inc (Sioux Falls, SD) offers the PS97 universal SPO2 and patient simulator, which combines SPO2 testing and key patient simulations in one portable handheld instrument. The PS97 tests the monitor as if an actual patient was connected to it. ECG/ EKG, IBP, respiration, pulse oximetry, and temperature readings can be generated simultaneously. According to Sencore customers, this saves time and improves their overall testing efficiency. With everything you need to performance-test all of your patient-monitoring equipment in one easy-to-use instrument, the PS97 makes SPO2 and patient simulations efficient and accurate with little chance of user mistakes or interpretation errors. Testing time and costs also are substantially reduced with the PS97. (800) 736-2673; www.sencore.com.

 Mobile Service Solution
A new installation, maintenance, and repair solution from Adesso Systems Inc (Boston) is designed specifically for the medical equipment industry. The Adesso solution allows medical equipment providers and service technicians to improve the quality and accuracy of service performed, reinforce corporate policies in the field, and reduce cycle times by automating maintenance procedures. The solution, which can be deployed on any Windows-based device, manages the scheduling and assigning of work orders, the ordering of replacement parts, the recording of the maintenance performed, the obtaining of customer sign-off, and the generation of invoices for the work performed. The solution also provides technicians with background information about the customer, prior maintenance activity, and any documentation needed to meet safety and compliance regulations for the equipment being serviced. (617) 224-0870; www.adessosystems.com.