Physiological monitor for pediatric patients; mobile display carts and stainless-steel enclosures; mini-workstations and high-density storage cabinets; and a handheld ventilator tester introduced.

 MRI Monitor
Medrad Inc (Indianola, Pa) introduces the Veris™ physiological monitor for pediatric and neonate patients. Compatible with 3T MRI environments, Veris offers large color screens and a user interface that is easy to learn. Five-lead ECG waveform monitoring provides a simultaneous display of up to six waveforms. Specially designed accessories for adult, pediatric, and neonate patients give customers the opportunity to monitor patients of all sizes and ages. The Veris integral tray is designed for cable management and accessory storage while providing additional work space. Power is supplied by an AC direct wall connection or by the extended-life battery. Veris is available in six configurations for anesthesia, sedation, cardiac MR, research, and basic patient monitoring. (800) MEDRAD;

 Mobile Display Carts and LCD Enclosures
Quest International (Irvine, Calif) introduces mobile display carts and stainless-steel enclosures, which are additions to the company’s line of NEC and Totoku medical displays. The mobile display carts allow electronic data to go with a clinician, as opposed to forcing the clinician to go to the data.

According to Quest, displays mounted to mobile carts allow for fewer displays to cover the entire facility, which also can result in a reduction of the overall cost budget. Mobile display carts also facilitate quicker operating room (OR) preparation and expedited turnover. The carts can be configured with such items as multiple displays, a power supply, or wired or wireless computers.

The stainless-steel LCD enclosures encase 30-inch and 40-inch LCDs. The enclosure includes a protective panel over the glass, preventing the ingress of fluids—which is useful in OR and surgical-suite environments. (800) 231-6777;

 Mobile Workstations
Lista International Corp (Holliston, Mass) offers mini-workstations and high-density storage cabinets on wheels. Available in a variety of heights, widths, and depths, each mobile workstation can be designed to meet specific needs through the use of modular components and accessories. Lista’s seven different cabinet footprints can be combined in both side-by-side and stacked configurations.

The cabinet drawers feature a 440-pound load capacity and are available in seven different sidewall heights. Able to extend 100% from the housing, the drawers allow for the use of the farthest corners and for easy accessibility. Each drawer features individual latches, which lock drawers closed for safe transport, and Lista’s patented PrevenTip® interlock safety system, which prevents accidental tipping. (800) 722-3020;

 Handheld Ventilator Tester
Rigel Medical (Peterlee, England) introduces the Rigel 355, a compact, lightweight handheld ventilator tester. Featuring battery-powered or mains-powered operation, the tester measures the technical-performance characteristics of a range of ventilator functions, including respiratory frequency, maximum and minimum pressures, average flow measurements, and tidal volume. Easy to operate with a large digital display of test results and readings, the Rigel 355 features precise measurement of flow—using Fleisch pneumo-tacographs—and high-accuracy measurement of pressure and oxygen content. Its dynamic internal memory stores real-time test results, data, and curves for subsequent downloading to a PC or for printing. The optional Respi software program offers statistical records and analysis of ventilator-performance data. (813) 886-2775;