Lead wires for muscle stimulation; a steam sterilizer filter; a coaxial termination system; and a mainstream CO2 sensor introduced.

 Lead Wires for Muscle Stimulation
Bioconnect (San Diego), a division of RF Industries, introduces lead wires for muscle-stimulation applications. The assemblies are manufactured with thermal plastic rubber (TPR)-jacketed wires, and are terminated with DIN spec .080-inch-diameter pins and high-quality .080-inch female gold contact connectors. The pins are nickel-plated with gold plating optional. The connectors and pins are overmolded with hypoallergenic TPR for longer life, chemical resistance, flexibility, softness, and the ability to be cleaned in the field. Bioconnect products meet ANSI/AAMI EC53 specifications. (888) 775-2372 ext 217; www.biocables.com.

 Steam Sterilizer Filter
Parker Hannifin Corp (Haverhill, Mass) now offers a Balston® steam filter designed specifically for use on hospital steam sterilizers. The Model 23R steam filter removes more than 98% of contaminants 0.1 micron and larger from steam. It also eliminates instrument staining, spotting, and rusting caused by wet or contaminated steam; removes boiler feed-water chemicals and excess condensate from steam; reduces operating costs by eliminating the staining of sterilizer interiors and minimizing the maintenance of sterilizer steam-control valves, door seals, and other rubber materials; and reduces drying cycles. The Balston steam filter features a patented microfibre® filter tube in a rugged stainless steel housing. The impurity-free filter tube is constructed from chemically inert borosilicate glass. (800) 343-4048; www.parker.com/balston.

 Coaxial Termination System
Liberty Wire & Cable (Colorado Springs, Colo), introduces the ConnecTec™ termination system, a coaxial termination solution. Available with a specially designed installation case that is both durable and compact, the ConnecTec system includes a line of advanced-engineered, 360-degree BNC, F, and RCA coaxial connectors; a new ergonomically designed crimp tool; and a pair of coaxial strippers. ConnecTec connectors feature all-metal construction for durability and an inspection “window”; the connectors come with nine different color bands for application identification. (719) 260-0061; www.libertycable.com.

 Mainstream CO2 Sensor
Respironics Inc (Murrysville, Pa) introduces the Capnostat® 5 Mainstream CO2 sensor for use during anesthesia and recovery, in the intensive care unit, and in emergency medicine/transport or respiratory care. Easily integrated with virtually any patient-monitoring system, the Capnostat 5 Sensor provides measurement of end-tidal carbon dioxide (ETCO2) and respiration rate, as well as a capnogram at respiratory rates of up to 150 breaths per minute. Designed for mainstream sampling, the Capnostat 5 uses infrared absorption spectroscopy to measure ETCO2 directly at the patient’s airway. The Capnostat 5 sensor incorporates a miniature PC board that places all measurement and analysis function inside the sensor head. This eliminates the need for an additional PC board inside the host monitor, conserving architecture and reducing technology-acquisition costs. (800) 345-6443; www.respironics.com.