Digital Soldering Station
Weller®, a Cooper Hand Tools (Raleigh, NC) brand, recently re-introduced its WSD81 digital soldering station, which is recommended for use in lead-free soldering applications. The WSD81 Silver Series digital soldering station with WSP80 soldering pencil and WPH81 stand and sponge is the first of Weller’s Suggested Lead-Free Application products. Immediate heat from the combination of the silver heating element and tip configuration allows fast, efficient soldering. The high-output pencil allows work with lead-free solder and helps keep costs of the LT series tips low. Upgraded software provides faster cycling of the power unit, and a standard setback feature saves power and further extends tip life. The 95-watt station offers a temperature range from 150ÞF to 850ÞF with 80 watts of controlled power. The unit is programmable using an optional WCB1 control module and is UL and cUL listed. It is ESD safe to protect sensitive components. (919) 362-1670;

 Atmospheric Particle Counter
Fluke Corp (Everett, Wash) introduces the Fluke 983 Particle Counter, a compact, lightweight test tool for professionals in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and indoor air quality fields. The Fluke 983 features expanded data logging and a six-channel particle size display (0.3 up to 10.0 µm), which allows users to run more tests faster and spend less time cycling through screens to get the data they need. Its liquid crystal display includes a backlight. The Fluke 983 counts and logs up to 5000 sample records, with selectable sample time, count data, and programmable delay. Logged samples include date and time, particle counts, sample volume (cubic feet or liters), temperature, and relative humidity. Data can be displayed in totalize or concentration modes. (888) 308-5277;

 Electrical Safety Testing Software
QuadTech Inc (Maynard, Mass) introduces CaptivATE, a Windows-based software package for automating the production process of electrical safety testing. When used with one of QuadTech’s Series 6000 electrical safety testers, CaptivATE allows bar-code scanning of an electronic product, selects and initiates the proper test to perform, and saves or prints the measurement results. The application is a Visual Basic program for installation on a local PC and incorporates statistical process control and historical database archiving. Featuring complete electrical safety testing with one setup, it automatically loads tests for the desired product model. It also features multiple levels of accessibility using password verification and multiple installations for plant-wide use. (800) 253-1230;

 X-Ray Repair Guide
Charles C. Thomas, Publisher Ltd (Springfield, Ill), presents X-Ray Repair: A Comprehensive Guide to the Installation and Servicing of Radiographic Equipment by Joseph J. Panichello. The book is intended for use as a field guide and reference manual for field service engineers and in-house biomedical engineers when servicing radiographic equipment. It includes chapters on the history and development of radiographic equipment, types of equipment found in the general radiographic room, fundamentals of radiography, safety practices in servicing, mobile x-ray units, installation processes, preventive maintenance, image quality, troubleshooting and repair, and customer relations. New to this second edition are chapters on tomography, mammography, and “The Seasoned Engineer” (describing career-advancement practices). (800) 258-8980;