Intellamed Inc

 As a result of the company’s all-in-one philosophy, Intellamed Inc (Bryan, Tex) has grown to be a prominent one-stop shop for biotechnicians. Structured into three groups (equipment disposition, equipment procurement, and equipment maintenance and management), the company offers discounted parts purchasing, alternative modality service, and equipment market value assessments. 24×7 spoke with Intellamed President and CEO David Hickson about how clients benefit from working with his company to create efficiencies.

24×7: What needs does Intellamed satisfy within the biomedical industry?
David Hickson: We create synergistic programs for both in-house biomedical programs and those outsourced to Intellamed. Funneling the procurement of parts through one organization can create significant volume discounting for both Intellamed and hospitals using in-house programs. This group-buying method has already been proven successful with hospital supplies. By extending this approach with people knowledgeable in the service parts arena, both organizations win.

24×7: Why does Intellamed focus on industry efficiencies?
At Intellamed, we partner with our clients in attaining their goals. Our clients are engaged in the business of helping people in need, and we consider that the most noble of businesses. If we can help them run the business side of that activity more efficiently, they can focus on providing better care and services to their clients.

24×7: Where do you see the biomedical industry heading?
As health care continues to be more specialized, the role of the biomedical engineer will continue to evolve. We believe that their role will necessitate change in how things are performed today; therefore, more collaborative approaches will be necessary. For example, there are more than 5,000 hospitals in the United States, but very few collaborate in the services area. Those hospitals working together to create cost-efficiencies within the service arena will benefit significantly as scale creates greater opportunities. Additionally, as health care privacy laws and other legislation are handed down by the regulatory agencies, a more pivotal role will be played by individuals who are capable of providing cost-effective solutions to these added burdens.

24×7: Any final thoughts?
We are privileged to be involved in the health care industry. Intellamed is dedicated to ongoing innovation and creative solutions to the many issues facing health care today. We seek alternative methods of providing greater value to our clients, and we believe no one will work harder for them. 24×7