Clinical information systems

 Clinical Engineering Management System
Harvest Data Systems (New Port Richey, Fla) offers HarvestCEMS, an affordable clinical engineering management system (CEMS) built by a biomed for biomeds. Easy-to-use, intuitive screens guide users through data entry. Designed to meet JCAHO requirements, HarvestCEMS can be run completely paperless, or enable work orders to be printed out. Users can access more than 40 reports and create their own PM procedures. Each equipment item can have up to two PM schedules and two PM procedures, as well as be assigned to either of two user-defined groups. The system also features multiple security levels and HIPAA and audible alarm tracking. Plus, data conversion services are available. Look for a Pocket PC application coming soon.

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 Computerized Provider Order Entry
Ordering errors caused by illegible handwriting, communication issues, or allergy or drug interactions require proactive alerts from the system. The journey from paper-based ordering to digital ordering is key to elevating quality of care and patient safety, according to GE Healthcare Information Technologies (Menomonee Falls, Wis).

Centricity® CPOE electronically accepts physicians’ orders for diagnostic and treatment services. Centricity CPOE facilitates the availability of real-time, relevant patient information at the time of ordering and applies rules-based decision logic to optimize the order process. The ideal ordering process should be quick and easy to use, and provide access to accurate and reliable patient data through an intelligent and responsive system to help elevate patient safety and consistency of care. GE developed Centricity CPOE with this in mind.

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 Emergency Department Software
Wellsoft Corp (Somerset, NJ) provides integrated software solutions for emergency departments. Analyzing existing workflow and infrastructure, each system is configured to meet individual challenges faced by each emergency department. In Fall 2004, the company introduced Wellsoft v.10, an innovative technology that features a crisp, intuitive user interface. A natural evolution of the Wellsoft system, rich with functionality, Wellsoft v.10 is faster and more appealing than ever. For greater efficiency, Wellsoft provides tools such as patient tracking, nurse and physician documentation, orders and results, and reporting functionality. Wellsoft is designed to improve quality of care and patient satisfaction, enhance risk management, and provide seamless integration of hospital systems.

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 Web-based CMMS
AIMS.NET is a Web-based CMMS by Phoenix Data Systems Inc (Southfield, Mich). Phoenix Data capitalized on more than 20 years of AIMS user experience and evolved the existing AIMS software into the latest browser technology. AIMS.NET links you to AIMS through your intranet or the Internet. Your entire AIMS database can be accessed in real time from anywhere in the world using Internet Explorer 5.5 (or higher). Immediate access to data allows organizations to be more efficient, with shorter response times to satisfy customer needs. AIMS.NET provides the same features and functions users presently enjoy in the existing AIMS software with an enhanced appearance and added benefits. Benefits include reduced costs, increased productivity, decreased response time, wireless access, and improved customer communication.

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