Video Systems

 DVD Recorder
ERI Inc (Union, Iowa), a distributor and service provider for Panasonic, Sony, and Mitsubishi medical imaging equipment, offers Panasonic’s LQ-MD800 DVD recorder. It directly records into available space, eliminating the fear of recording over previous recordings. Recording and play can be controlled from the ultrasound machine, and the RS-232C/USB cables can be used to send patient names and IDs for use as program titles. The LQ-MD800 protects recorded images and records Doppler sounds from ultrasound equipment in high quality audio. A list of recordings—including the date and time they were recorded—is available at the push of a button. Special features include repeat-play and image editing capabilities.

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 Surgical Imaging and Information Platform
VISERA™ by Olympus America Inc Medical Systems Group (Melville, NY) is an integrated surgical imaging and information platform for use in the operating room. VISERA allows customization of each procedure while maintaining standardization on the surgical platform. The VISERA platform also can be upgraded. High-quality digital images can be recorded, stored, and forwarded. The VISERA platform, which features 17 camera heads, powers both rigid and flexible EndoEYE™ surgical videoscopes. Each EndoEYE videoscope features a color CCD (charge-coupled device) miniaturized camera chip located in the distal end with the objective lens.

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