Miniaturized cardiovascular ultrasound system; dynamic phantom; asset tracking system; and RH/temperature transmitters introduced.

 Miniaturized Cardiovascular Ultrasound
GE Healthcare (Waukesha, Wis) a unit of General Electric Co, introduces Vivid i, a miniaturized cardiovascular ultrasound system that provides high-performance, full-featured imaging in a lightweight design. Weighing 30 times less than larger units, the system makes it possible for patients to receive diagnostic exams anywhere, including the bedside, as opposed to being transported to an imaging lab in a hospital. In addition, Vivid i features wireless capabilities, enabling physicians to transfer files instantly from the system to other physicians for consultation.

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 Dynamic Phantom
Computerized Imaging Reference Systems Inc (Norfolk, Va) introduces the first commercially available dynamic phantom for precise evaluation of lung tumor motion. The CIRS Dynamic Thorax Phantom is designed to investigate and minimize the impact of organ motion and patient positioning errors in radiation therapy. The phantom is designed for use in image acquisition, treatment planning, and dose delivery. Tumors of various size, shape, and density can be positioned within the phantom. TLD and MOSFET detectors can be placed directly within the tumor volume. A computer-controlled actuator applies complex 3-D motions to the tumors.

For additional information, contact Computerized Imaging Reference Systems Inc at (757) 855-2765 or visit the company’s Web site at

 Asset Tracking System
Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology enables Agility Healthcare Solutions LLC (Glen Allen, Va) to track mobile assets, including medical equipment, surgical instruments, supplies, and pharmaceuticals without any scanning. Agility’s RFID-enabled resource and workflow management solutions for the health care industry are designed to optimize asset utilization, reduce operating costs, and improve care quality. RFID tags secured on each asset send out a constant signal to readers placed strategically throughout a facility. The readers transmit equipment location information, as one example, to Agility’s AgileTrac system, which tracks equipment utilization to determine the optimal number of assets required, monitors asset inventory, and secures assets by triggering alerts when they are moved from specified areas.

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 RH/Temperature Transmitters
OHMIC Instruments (Easton, Md) offers HT-780 Series RH/temperature transmitters. These stainless-steel probes are available from 8 to 20 inches in length. They have a linear 4 to 20 mA two-wire output directly proportional to 0%–100% RH and temperatures of -50 to +200°C (-58 to +392°F). Available with an integrated LED display for RH and temperature, the HT-780 uses a thin-film polymer humidity sensor with ±2% and a thermistor with ±0.2°C accuracies over the full range. Prices for these CE-approved transmitters start at under $600.

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