High-Voltage/High-Current Megohmmeters
QuadTech (Maynard, Mass) now offers its high-voltage and high-current megohmmeters designed for high-speed testing in automated system applications. Model 1868A provides a high-output current to 80 mA for fast charging of capacitive components and devices. Model 1868D provides test voltages as high as 5,000 VDC for high-voltage ratings. Both models offer a resistance measurement range of 10 kž to 1 Pž and a current measurement range of 1 pA to 1 mA. Additionally, both models feature an LCD graphic display, fast measure speed, contact check, programmable limits, and a sequence testing capability. Without increasing the test time, an automatic contact check identifies any contact failure to the device while the test is in progress. With five programmable limit sets, the 1868s are ideal for bin sorting of components. The instruments also can be programmed to automatically perform as many as 20 timed tests in sequence while operating in charging or measure mode.

For more information, contact QuadTech at (800) 253-1230, or visit the company’s Web site at www.quadtech.com.

 IMRT Quality-Assurance System
The IMRTLog from Cardinal Health (Cleveland, Ohio) is a quality-assurance system that allows for quick measurements of intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) treatment plans while displaying the integrated dose contribution from each segment, as well as the total integral dose. The IMRTLog phantom consists of a 2-D array of 506 radiation-hardened solid-state detectors placed in a plate with inherent backscatter material. Detectors are connected to a mobile cart, which keeps sensitive components, such as electrometers, away from the therapy beam. Each detector has its own electrometer, eliminating errors and delays in measurement when multiplexing.

For more information, contact Cardinal Health at (440) 248-9300, or visit the company’s Web site at www.cardinal.com/rms

 Sorbent Canister System
The Camsorb™ canister system from Camfil Farr (Riverdale, NJ) removes high gas and vapor loads in HVAC systems. The sorbent system, which uses cylindrical canisters, contains more sorbent in a given space than standard flat-tray designs, providing a higher removal efficiency and capacity. The unit’s design results in a low pressure drop and long service life between sorbent charges, which reduces operation and maintenance costs. The sorbent canisters can be installed in the company’s leak-free housings and frames in order to remove odors and vapors in a variety of applications. The canisters are ideal for the removal of recirculated air containing odors and vapors generated by building occupants, indoor emission sources, and light manufacturing processes, such as printing, pharmaceutical processing, or degreasing.

For more information, contact Camfil Farr at (866) 422-6345, or visit the company’s Web site at www.camfilfarr.com

 Hospital-Grade Cord Set
Interpower Corp (Oskaloosa, Iowa) now offers its Interpower™ North American hospital-grade cord set with a molded IEC 60320 C19 connector. Referred to as the 86611610 model, the cord set offers a clear NEMA 5-15 plug and is terminated with a gray IEC 60320 C19 connector. The 86611610 model is UL and CSA approved at 15A/125VAC and is available in custom lengths and packaging options. Interpower IEC 60320 C19 mating connector lock (85910051) also is available to secure the connector to the inlet to prevent accidental removal or interruption.

For more information, contact Interpower Corp at (800) 662-2290, or visit the company’s Web site at www.interpower.com.