Technical Information Manager
The PartsArena Mobile product by Infomill Limited (Burlington, Mass) is now available in a Windows Smartphone version, providing new connectivity options for users. PartsArena Mobile manages the “how-to” technical information required to inspect, repair, service, and operate equipment. PartsArena Mobile for Smartphones provides real-world, hybrid connectivity options for large volumes of technical data held locally and remotely. It is designed to operate as a very thin client on a PDA or Smartphone, requiring only small amounts of memory and processing.

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 Videoconferencing Software
Polycom® Inc (Pleasanton, Calif) presents VSX™ Release 7.5 software for the company’s VSX line of videoconferencing solutions. The enhanced software introduces People+Content™ IP, an option for sending and receiving high-resolution content from a laptop or PC between any Polycom VSX system (including the Polycom V500™). It also features StereoSurround™, which delivers natural and realistic conferencing by adding a spatial dimension to video calls through a single digital tabletop microphone or the SoundStation VTX 1000 conference phone. In addition, the software delivers video error concealment for H.264 video calls.

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 Echocardiography PACS
Pyramid Medical (Los Alamitos, Calif,) introduces the DIVO digital imager. Developed for echocardiography, DIVO is a PACS software program that captures seemingly limitless-length videos with stereo Doppler audio. It is intended to replace conventional videotape recorders but with the added benefit of digitally archiving under the patient’s name, date of examination, and identification. In this manner, studies can be stored, transmitted, and reviewed electronically without being limited to short video segments with no audio. Standard Windows software is all that is required to review the studies.

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 Wireless Switching Solution
With the potential for enhanced information access, greater operational efficiency, and improved quality of care that wireless networking offers, the benefits of a wireless infrastructure cannot be ignored, according to 3Com (Marlborough, Mass). Centrally managed wireless switching solutions from 3Com allow health care IT staff to easily centrally deploy, monitor, manage, and secure wireless networks, even as they grow to support large numbers of users and demanding new applications. The 3Com wireless switching solution, known as the 3Com Wireless LAN Mobility System, enables health care organizations to realize the full value of their wireless investments.

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