Radiology Support

 Multipurpose Analyzer
The 9095 analyzer from Radcal Corp (Monrovia, Calif) is a portable, compact system that can be utilized for all diagnostic and mammography measurement needs. The analyzer simultaneously measures dose, dose rate, kV, time, and mAs with a single exposure. It features full computer control, data capture, and waveforms for kV, FFT, relative dose, and mA. The 9095 is easy to deploy and allows rapid connection of ion chambers and Accu-kV sensors.

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 Direct X-Ray Ruler for Light/X-Ray Field Alignment
Unfors (Milford, Conn) presents the DXR direct x-ray ruler, which represents the latest in today’s technology for alignment of the light to radiation field.
The easy-to-use DXR turns on by simply exposing the meter. It also resets and shuts off automatically. No need to adjust the light field to a square phantom before exposing, and no time is wasted waiting for films to be developed.
The pocket-size DXR is sensitive and operates down to 0.5 mAs settings and will give an objective, reproducible, immediate readout. The ruler is fully automatic with 10 millisecond exposure time and comes with a 6- to 8-year battery life.

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 Digital X-Ray Timer
Electronic Control Concepts (ECC) (Saugerties, NY) introduces the model 8200D digital x-ray timer. Designed for use with digital x-ray machines, the model 8200D enables x-ray machines to easily and cost efficiently upgrade to compatibility with modern digital techniques without forcing the purchase of a new x-ray generator.

The 8200D complements the model 8200A timer, and both will improve the performance of older x-ray machines to meet the most stringent state and federal regulations. All ECC timers are certified to conform to Department of Health and Human Services federal performance standards.

The 8200 timer design is based on a programmable microcomputer, which allows ECC to customize timers and controls for special applications.

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 MAS Meter
Dale Technology (Carson City, Nev) announces the DALE7000 Intelligent Radiology MAS Meter, which simultaneously measures MAS, exposure time, and mA while providing mA-waveform information. The DALE7000 displays three 50-millisecond mA waveform samples so that radiographic and mammographic preheat circuits can be analyzed and adjusted without using an oscilloscope. The DALE7000 can be set to include/exclude the first 10 milliseconds of the mA waveform.

The DALE7000 uses a microprocessor to analyze the digital mA waveform and to display accurate values essential for analyzing and calibrating radiographic and mammographic equipment. The meter is designed to analyze any waveform signal, from single-phase waveforms up to and including high-frequency waveforms.

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