Enhanced infusion system; sharps management system; portable IPS; digital multimeters

 Medrad Introduces Enhanced Infusion System
Medrad, Inc (Indianola, Pa) now offers a syringe holder for its Continuum MR Compatible Infusion System. The device holds up to three standard syringes ranging in size from 20 mL to 60 mL, making it possible to conveniently deliver small volumes of cardiac stress agents, IV sedatives, and other critical medications during an MR scanning procedure. The syringe holder also enables critically ill patients to receive fluids from multiple syringes and IV bags at the same time, a unique feature that increases the versatility of the infusion system.

For more information about the syringe holder and the Medrad MR infusion system contact Medrad at (800) MEDRAD, or visit the company’s Web site at www.medrad.com.

 Daniels Corp Develops Sharps Management System
Daniels Corp (Thousand Oaks, Calif) introduces the SharpSmart System. Constructed from rigid puncture-resistant plastic, the Daniels SharpSmart containers offer a broad selection of uniquely designed features. The containers include a fill-level gauge, a clear-view window that indicates the fill level to monitor the container’s contents, and an overfill protection mechanism, among other features. The SharpSmart system reduces sharps injuries by more than 30%, to offer quality cost-effective protection for workers in the medical industry.

To learn more about the SharpSmart System, contact the company at (310) 374-6893, or visit Daniels’ Web site at www.daniels.com.au.

 Radianse puts GPS Precision in Biomeds’ Hands
An indoor positioning solution (IPS) from Radianse Inc (Lawrence, Mass) combines active-RFID with patent-pending location technology to quickly identify assets, where they are located, and how they are being utilized. This information, available via a Web browser, reduces asset shrinkage, speeds preventive maintenance and improves utilization. With receivers that directly connect to an existing Ethernet network and low-cost active-RFID tags, Radianse has reduced the cost and complexity of real-time location to make it practical for health care just as low-priced commercial receivers have extended the use of GPS. Using SMS (short message service), a Radianse IPS can send instant messages to pagers or cell phones when equipment moves beyond preset boundaries.

For more information about Radianse and active-RFID with location information, call Radianse at (978) 974-9300 or e-mail the company at [email protected].

 Wavetek Introduces XR Series Digitial Multimeters
Wavetek Meterman Test Tools (Everett, Wash) introduces the XR series DMM, a new line of digital multimeters designed specifically for today’s electronics test, field service, and industrial applications. The XR series has an ergonomic design that integrates a holster with a Magne-Grip™ hanging strap.
All five SR-series meters are equipped with test leads, alligator clips, a manual, and the exclusive Meterman no-hassle warranty.

For more information, call Meterman at (877) 596-2680, e-mail the company at [email protected],  or visit its Web site at www.metermantesttools.com.