Recruitment Firms

d05a.jpg (9754 bytes)Stephens International Recruiting Inc
Founded in 1988, Stephens International Recruiting Inc (Lakeview, Ariz) is a health care recruiting firm providing specialized recruiting services for high-quality radiology and biomedical equipment technicians, managers, field service technicians and engineers, health care administrators, and clinical professionals. Stephens specializes in military-OEM trained technicians and managers. Temporary/contract staffing services are available. Stephens is dedicated to meeting your staffing needs. For more information about its services, contact Stephens at (888) 785-2638, or visit its Web site at

d05b.jpg (6121 bytes)Dick Berg & Associates
Dick Berg & Associates (Livingston, Tex) is a nationwide employer-fee-paid contingency search firm for technical and management personnel specializing in the service and support of medical/imaging equipment. The company specializes in candidates with expertise in anesthesia, general biomedical, cardiac cath labs, computers, CT, laboratory-clinical analyzers, linear accelerators, MRI, nuclear medicine, radiology/R&F/x-ray, PACS, sterilizers, and ultrasound. For information about its biomedical register, please contact Dick Berg & Associates by phone at (800) 768-8920, or visit the company’s Web site at

d05c.jpg (12660 bytes)Adel Lawrence Associates
Adel Lawrence Associates (ALA) (Aberdeen, NJ) is a group of staffing professionals that specializes in the nationwide search/recruitment of engineering and technical personnel for full-time or contract positions. ALA’s resources include a nationwide network of staffing professionals that can assist in providing quality candidates or job opportunities. Companies and job seekers are invited to contact ALA at (732) 566-4914 for additional information, or visit the company’s Web site at

d05d.jpg (6420 bytes)Focus Military
Focus Military (Brookpark, Ohio) places military-trained electronic, electromechanical, and biomedical equipment technicians for service and leadership positions with medical manufacturers and service organizations nationwide. The company’s knowledge, experience, and judgement allows Focus to provide personal attention, ensuring the best match with qualified candidates and opportunities. To learn more about Focus Military, contact Jim Hayes at (216) 965-7673, or visit its Web site at

NS Charney & Associates
NS Charney & Associates (Cleveland) specializes in the placement of managers and biomedical and field-service engineers in the growing medical-equipment industry nationwide. The company provides unique, individualized attention to its applicants, including resumé critiquing, interviewing preparation, salary negotiation, and relocation assistance. Check out NS Charney’s Web site at and call the company at (800) 827-9753. Resumés can be forwarded via fax: (440) 331-0772; or e-mail: