Drawing tools for biomeds, new vent tester, endospector presented, transfer switch introduced.

d08a.jpg (14546 bytes)Versatile Software offered
SmartDraw.com (San Diego) introduces drawing software that allows medical professionals to quickly create any diagram, chart, or form. SmartDraw features more than 50,000 symbols, images, and templates, including more than 3,000 for the medical community. Users can drag and drop the symbols to the page to create professional-looking diagrams in minutes.

SmartDraw makes it easy to create forms for monitoring medical devices. Users can customize using one of the predrawn templates, or create their own. Users can also create process flowcharts, workflow diagrams, and Gantt charts to refine work processes. SmartDraw documentation helps users ensure their devices are in compliance with US Food and Drug Administration regulations. For more information about SmartDraw and a 30-day free trial, visit the company’s Web site at www.smartdraw.com, or contact SmartDraw at [email protected].

d08a.jpg (14546 bytes)New Vent Tester Introduced
The Flow Analyser PF-300 vent tester is imtmedical ag’s (Vaduz, Liechtenstein) latest technology for measuring and calibrating medical gas delivery systems. This certified, high-quality instrument measures bidirectional flow, pressure, temperature, humidity, and O2 concentration accurately and reliably. The portable device can be battery operated and offers a wide range of communications options. The FlowLab software offers the ability to graphically and numerically display detailed, real-time waveforms and measurements, and includes a trending function to track performance for up to 100 hours. For more information about the FlowAnalyzer, contact imtmedical via e-mail at [email protected] or visit the company’s Web site at www.imtmedical.com.

d08c.jpg (10421 bytes)EndoSpector Presented
Lighthouse Imaging Corp (Portland, Me) presents the EndoSpector, an endoscopy assessment device that allows users to reduce the expense of failure. Now users can:
    •    determine the quality of endoscopes before sterilization;
    •    assure that endoscopes perform to specification;
    •    reduce unnecessary repairs; and
    •    perform quality check on repaired endoscopes.

The EndoSpector uses custom-designed optics and video generated targets to quantitatively assess the function of medical endoscopes. Precision mechanisms allow simple adjustments for a wide variety of viewing angles, lengths, and diameters.

The EndoSpector is the first clinical test device to measure the endoscope characteristics that are important to the surgeon, such as image resolution (sharpness), brightness, and uniformity of illumination. It is also the first endoscope tester that doesn’t need a skilled technician to accurately conduct the measurements and surgical-center use.

For more information contact Lighthouse at (207) 253-5350, or visit the company’s Web site at www.endospector.com.

d08d.jpg (8065 bytes)New SuperSwitch3 Digital Static Transfer Switch Unveiled
Danaher Power Solutions (Richmond, Va) offers the Cyberex SuperSwitch3, the latest in a string of technological advances offering greater reliability, improved access, smaller footprint, and easier system navigation. SuperSwitch3 offers a number of advanced features, among them:
    •    increased reliability;
    •    reduced maintenance time;
    •    expanded diagnostics;
    •    smaller size;
    •    enhanced graphical user interface;
    •    guided breaker bypass operation; and
    •    enhanced communications.

The SuperSwitch3 uses patented Cyberex technology to monitor incoming power and perform seamless transfers (under 4 milliseconds) between two AC power sources.

For more information about SuperSwich3, contact Danaher at (800) 238-5000, or visit the company’s Web site at www.danaherpowersolutions.com.