Clinical Engineering Software

d06a.jpg (13077 bytes)Small Companies Now Have Multiple Options
Nexent Corp (Toronto) offers two Windows-based management software applications that adhere to a company’s size and method of dispatch. Miracle Service (MSv3) offers small companies extensive entry-level sales, service, inventory, and contract management options. MSv3 now features wireless dispatching of tasks to any short management service, e-mail-capable cellular phone, or PDA. Miracle Service Accent (MSA) offers medium and larger organizations more sales, service, inventory, and contract management features and functions than MSv3, as well as the ability to open and close tasks and request service history and parts from a PDA. For more information, call (866) 639-3689, or visit the Web site at

d06a.jpg (13077 bytes)New Management Software Introduced
Written by a biomed for biomeds, Harvest Data System’s (New Port Richey, Fla) HarvestCEMS generates work orders, more than 200 preventive maintenance forms, and more than 40 flexible reports. In addition, its PM builder allows the user to design custom PM forms. HarvestCEMS tracks JCAHO- and HIPPA-required information and supports multiple facilities. The affordable PC-to-SQL versions offer an intuitive graphical interface, data standardization, simple export and e-mail integration, billing capabilities, and service contract and technology assessment tools. For a free evaluation copy contact American West Medical at (800) 331-6990, or via e-mail: You can visit Harvest Data Systems’ Web site at

d06c.jpg (14100 bytes)New Web-Based Software Allows Flexibility
Four Rivers Software Systems Inc (Pittsburgh) has developed iTMS, a true Web-based CMMS. Because it is Web-based as opposed to Web-enabled, facilities are able to get their systems up and running without having to invest in expensive middle-ware, such as Citrix. It also utilizes an SQL Server 2000 back end, which allows in-house IT staff to develop custom external applications that share and utilize the data gathered by iTMS. Standard modules include Assets, Contracts, PMs, Planned Events, Tasks, Resources, Materials, Work Orders, Utility Tracker, Purchasing, and Safety Reporting. Optional modules include the PocketPC application pocketTMS as well as a customer-enabling tool, Web Request. To learn more about iTMS, contact Four Rivers at (412) 256-9020, or visit the company’s Web site at

d06c.jpg (14100 bytes)Software Compatible With a Variety of Ventilators
Puritan Bennett’s (Pleasanton, Calif) 840 Ventilator Test Software (840 VTS) program, when used in conjunction with the Puritan Bennett® Breathlab PTS 2000™ pneumatic analyzer, provides the 840 Ventilator owner with a quick and easy way to test the functionality of the ventilator. Based on the same test parameters used by the factory, it eliminates the guesswork of testing the unit. Additional features allow the diagnostic and system test logs to be captured and stored electronically, saving the owner valuable time. For non-840 Ventilator owners, the optional Breathlab PTS Ventilator Test Software can be used to test the 720 and 700 Series Ventilators as well as all other manufacturers’ ventilators. For more information, call (800) 635-5267, or visit the company’s Web site at