D06a.jpg (10644 bytes)Bioconnect Adds Trunk Cables to Product Line
Bioconnect, a division of RF Industries (San Diego), introduces a new series of one-piece trunk cables for electrophysiology monitoring. The highly flexible cable assembly is designed to withstand most chemical sterilization and autoclave procedures. Cable durability and enhanced pull strength is achieved by extruding DuPont’s Kevlar® fibers parallel to the conductors during fabrication. The 20-cm lead wires are color coded, jacketed with thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), and terminated with shrouded, recessed gold DIN 2.0 mm pins (DIN 42802-2) to meet FDA safety requirements (21 CFR 828). Cable configurations include four, 10, 14, and 24 leads in several standard lengths.

For more information about the cables, call (800) 233-1728, or visit Bioconnect’s Web site at www.biocables.com.

D06a.jpg (10644 bytes)New Line of Safety Analyzers From BC Group
BC Group International Inc (St Louis) announces the introduction of the SA-2000 Series of handheld safety analyzers. The SA-2000 is a microprocessor-based electrical safety analyzer series that includes five models, all of which provide the same basic functions. The SA-2005 adds patient lead testing for five inputs; the SA2-2010 adds patient lead testing for 10 inputs; the SA-2010S adds a patient simulator. The entire family of safety analyzers offers point-to-point testing previously unavailable in this type of product.

For more information about the SA-2000 family of safety analyzers contact BC Group at (314) 638-3800, or visit the company’s Web site at www.bcgroupintl.com.

D06a.jpg (10644 bytes)RFTechnologies Introduces Location System
RFTechnologies (Brookfield, Wis) announces the availability of the world’s first real-time location system, PinPoint RTLS. The system gives users the ability to locate, track, and secure their inventory or valuable assets. The hardware system uses cell controllers to continually track PinPoint’s tags in real time. Using high-frequency radio signals PinPoint can read tags at long distances and track their movement within a facility or around its perimeter.

For more information about PinPoint RTLS, contact RFTechnologies at (800) 669-9946, or visit the company’s Web site at www.rftechnologies.com.

D06a.jpg (10644 bytes)Cardinal Health Announces Filmless Diagnostic Systems
Cardinal Health (Cleveland) has announced the availability of three systems designed to perform accurate, cost-effective quality assurance on diagnostic imaging systems. They include the AEC-6 system, Mamchex, and Radchex. The new automatic exposure control (AEC) technology measures all components of the x-ray beam, using an electronic cassette meter to analyze the light from the cassette’s intensifying screen instead of wasting film. The circuitry converts the light into a digital electrical signal that is fed to an onboard microprocessor for analysis. The information can then be sent to a computer or PDA for software analysis.

For more information about AEC-6, Mamchex, and Radchex systems contact Cardinal Health Radiation Management Services at (440) 248-9300, or visit the company’s Web site at www.cardinal.com/rms.