Portable Power Systems Battery Pack Fits C-Arm
The 70-lb XRC-9094 battery pack, manufactured and sold through Portable Power Systems Inc, fits the GE/OEC 9000 and 9400 C-arm. The pack uses OEM cells and comes fully assembled, tested, and charged.

The batteries come three to a pack, have color-coded plugs that mate to original plugs, and have a capacity of 5 amp hours.

Third-party batteries often use the same cells as the OEM batteries and are sold at substantially discounted prices.

For more information about the XRC-9094 battery pack, call Portable Power Systems at (303) 460-8261, or visit the company’s Web site at

 Huestis Offers Batteries for GE AMX Portables
Huestis Medical offers a full line of maintenance-free, sealed lead acid batteries for the entire GE AMX family of portables, from the AMX-110 through the current AMX-4 and 4+, as well as for the full range of OEC C-arms from the model 9000 through the current model 9800.

Huestis offers single cells, battery sets, and conversion kits that will facilitate the replacement of any manufacturer’s batteries, including Ni-Cad’s.

Depending on the model, conversion kits can consist of charger modules, jumpers, terminal boots, spacers, pads, covers, brackets, labels, and detailed instructions.

For more information on the Huestis Medical line of batteries call (800) 747-2786, or visit the company’s Web site at

 Battery Clinic Authorized Dealer for Lithium Battery
Battery Clinic Inc is the authorized representative for the Ultralife lithium 9-V battery. The battery lasts up to five times longer than alkaline 9-V batteries and has the highest energy density, flattest discharge curve, longest shelf life, widest temperature range, and lightest weight of any comparable 9-V battery.

Ultralife batteries are UL-recognized and contain no mercury, lead, or cadmium. They are ideal for medical, wireless security, and safety applications.

For more information call the Battery Clinic at (800) 786-1511, or visit the company’s Web site at

 Access Battery Inc Introduces New Replacement Battery
Access Battery Inc (Elizabeth, Colo), a manufacturer of medical and communications replacement batteries announces the release of its newest medical battery: the Forerunner BT-1. The battery is a direct replacement for the OEM battery used in Phillips Medical’s Forerunner AED defibrillator.

The Forerunner BT-1 is housed in ultrasonically sealed grey plastic, has gold-plated contacts, and utilizes lithium manganese dioxide to provide superior performance.

Access uses high quality cells when manufacturing its batteries, and each battery goes through rigorous quality control procedures prior to shipping to ensure that each battery will meet or exceed the original manufacturer’s specifications for form, fit, and function.

To learn more about the Forerunner BT-1, call Access Battery Inc at (800) 373-3301, or visit the company’s Web site at