Clinical Dynamics Upgrades SmartSat
Clinical Dynamics Corp, which designs, manufactures and markets test equipment for biomedical engineers, ISOs, and OEMs worldwide, announced that it has released a new software version, 3.11A, and Nellcor® OxiMax™ simulator cable for the SmartSat™ pulse oximetry analyzer.

The upgrade provides the ability to test Nellcor OxiMax pulse oximeters and pulse oximeter probes. SmartSat is utilized by manufacturers who need the capability to test the new OxiMax technology. Like all Clinical Dynamic products the upgraded SmartSat carries a 3-year parts and labor warranty.

For more information on the SmartSat upgrade, contact Clincal Dynamics by phone at (800) 247-6427 or via e-mail at

 New member of OxiMax Family Meets with Success
Weighing one-half pound, the N-45 pulse oximeter features an artifact-reducing algorithm that combats the effects of patient motion and delivers highly accurate SpO2 and pulse-rate values, even during challenging monitoring conditions. The long battery life and small size make the oximeter ideal for quick assessments or short-term monitoring in intensive care units and general floor care environments, during in-hospital and ambulance transport, and during exercise studies. The N-45 oximeter is compatible with the entire family of OxiMax pulse oximetry sensor, which allows clinicians the power of condition-specific sensor technology in a portable pulse oximeter.

For more information about the N-45, contact Nellcor at 1-800-NELLCOR or visit its Web site at

 New LCR Meter Available from QuadTech
QuadTech Inc, Maynard, Mass, an electronic test-equipment manufacturer, announces the availability of its new LCR meter, the 1715 LCR Digibridge®. The meter was designed for benchtop use or automated testing on a wide variety of passive components and materials.

The 1715 will measure, display, and output the results of two parameters at a time, including capacitance; AC resistance; inductance; series or parallel; as well as dissipation factor; quality factor; impedance; phase angle; and reactance. The 1715 offers fast measure speed, programmable source impedance, zeroing correction, and remote interface connection. It has a user-friendly menu interface for easy setup and programming and allows the user to store the test setup in internal memory, ensuring that a test can be configured quickly and run the same way every time.

For more information about the 1715 LCR Meter, contact QuadTech Inc at (978) 461-4234 or visit its Web site at