Viasys Ventilator Meets Multiple Needs
The AVEA™ ventilator from Viasys (Palm Springs, Calif) is an advanced, integrated life-support system designed to meet the needs of all neonatal, pediatric, and adult patients.

AVEA incorporates a revolutionary user interface for maximum flexibility. A patented three-stage internal inspiratory flow sensor and servo-controlled, active exhalation valve ensure precision gas delivery.

Standard features include all neonatal, pediatric, and adult modes as well as noninvasive ventilation. Other features include artificial airway compensation, leak compensation, circuit compliance compensation, an internal nebulizer, 24-hour trends, a data-management package, and internal-battery backup power.

Optional features allow the use of variable-orifice and/or hot-wire proximal-flow sensors for measurement of tidal volumes at the patient airway. AVEA can also be equipped with an internal Heliox delivery system that automatically compensates for the gas mixture, providing accuracy in all delivered and monitored parameters. A unique internal scroll pump compressor that can operate on battery power provides wall independence. For intrafacility transport the AVEA can be equipped with an external battery and tank holder.
For more information on the AVEA, contact Viasys at,  or contact their critical care department at (800) 328-4139.

 Dräger Medical Launches Evita XL
Dräger Medical (Telford, Pa) has extended its portfolio of ventilation devices with the new Evita XL, a process- and workflow-oriented ventilation system that enables patients to breathe spontaneously at the earliest possible stage. A wide range of technical improvements and new developments have been integrated into the highly innovative intensive-care ventilator. With its versatility, the Evita XL can be easily configured to fulfill the requirements of ICU staff, enabling them to tailor work processes based on patients’ needs.

The state-of-the-art technology of the Evita XL offers the benefits and valued features of the past and combines these with innovative improvements. Along with a bigger, more user-friendly screen, the Evita XL offers an online manual that supplies users with cause-and-remedy guidance for most situations. Directly accessible settings are easy and quick to operate. A high degree of configurability allows users to precisely choose the features needed, and a common user-interface makes Evita ventilators simple to use.

The Evita XL can adult, children, and even neonate ICU patients. Through its versatility, less training is required and more flexibility is given in clinical routine. Due to the modular system of Dräger Medical ventilators, an Evita 4 can easily be upgraded to an Evita XL.

To learn more about the Dräger Evita XL, call (215) 721-5400 or visit Dräger‘s Web site at

 Newport HT50 Ventilator for Versatile Applications
The Newport Medical Instruments Inc (Costa Mesa, Calif) HT50 ventilator is ideal for emergency, hospital, extended care, home care, and transport applications of children and adults. Its compact size, light weight, and versatility allow it to go anywhere it is needed.

The HT50 features a patented micro, dual-piston, frictionless, internal gas-delivery system that runs cooler and is more energy efficient, allowing up to 10 hours of internal battery operation. The versatile power source automatically recognizes voltage ranges from 100 VAC to 240 VAC and 12 VDC to 30 VDC.

The HT50 delivers pressure or volume ventilation in A/CMV, SIMV, and spontaneous modes. Special features include pressure support, backup ventilation, comprehensive alarms, and monitoring, up to 10 hours built-in-battery time, and built-in PEEP/CPAP, among others.

To learn more about the HT50 or to view specifications, please call (800) 451-3111 or visit Newport Medical’s Web site at: