Patient cables, radiation measurement system

 New Construction Increases Durability and Patient Safety
Bioconnect, a division of RF Industries (San Diego), introduces patient cables that are constructed with medical grade SantopreneĀ® (TPE) jackets, copper center conductors, PE insulation, and dual shielding. This low-noise cable minimizes triboelectric noise and electrical interference. Santoprene flex reliefs are located at the yoke and device ends of all cables to ensure long life and reduced continuity disruption.

The series of five-lead patient cables are designed for use with unshielded safety DIN 42-802 lead wires and are available for use with many AAMI 5- and 6-pin, Phillips 8-, 12- , and 17-pin, and GE Marquette monitors. For ease of attachment, the cable yokes are labeled to show channel designations and AHA or IEC color codes. Sheet clips anchor the cable in place while in use. Fixed-lead, shielded versions of the cables are also available.

For more information or product specifications, call Bioconnect at (800) 233-1728, or email them at [email protected].

 One System Does It All
Radcal Corp (Monrovia, Calif), a leader in radiation measurements for medical x-ray, quality assurance, and service-acceptance testing and compliance introduces the System 2000D series. The system has applications for radiography, fluoroscopy, mammography, dental, and computed tomography. One exposure measures kVp, dose, time, and waveform, among others. To ensure accurate dose measurements, the system comes with gold standard–ion-camber technology. No linearity corrections are required and there is no need to change filter packs.

System 2000D is extremely accurate, with Accu-Peak ripple-corrected kVp and peak averaging, and it is accurate in the presence of low mA or noisy signals. In addition, the sensors are calibrated to Dynalyzer and AEC and are interchangeable with any 4083 meter.

For more information or product specification, contact Radcal Corp by phone at (626) 357-7921 or via email at [email protected].