Patient Monitors

 Portable Monitoring System Expands Emergency Response Offerings
Welch Allyn’s Mobile AcuityTM LT Central Station is a laptop-based central monitoring station that offers the ability to establish treatment areas in military and emergency-response environments. Each Mobile Acuity LT system can support 12 patients, and multiple systems can be simultaneously deployed to cover up to 120 patients in the same emergency medical delivery area.

The system allows patients to be stabilized and monitored when transportation is unavailable or in a disaster situation when hospitals are overwhelmed.

“With Mobile Acuity LT, central-station monitoring can be deployed immediately in response to emergency situations in almost any location, increasing the level and timeliness of care for the victims involved," says Robert Wilmington, product manager for Welch Allyn. “Mobile Acuity LT allows emergency personnel to take care of a greater number of patients and respond to changes in their status quickly."

Mobile Acuity LT supplies the same alarm, alert, arrhythmia, and vital signs information available in hospital emergency departments to emergency-preparedness teams in the field.

Mobile Acuity LT is the latest in a series of Welch Allyn’s Propaq central monitoring solutions, which are the standard vital-signs monitors used by US and NATO military organizations, and it will be a key addition to their medical-delivery capabilities.

For more information about the Mobile Acuity visit Welch Allyn’s Web site at

 Noninvasive Patient Monitor
Royal Philips Electronics’ new C3 patient monitor is an easy-to-use, portable bedside monitor for use in a wide range of clinical settings, both in and out of the hospital.

Philips developed the C3 with a complete set of essential noninvasive parameters and a color display. The C3 is also available with Microstream® CO2 technology, which enables conscious sedation monitoring of adults and children.

The C3 allows continuous monitoring of essential noninvasive parameters, including three-lead ECG with pacemaker detection, SpO2 with motion-tolerant Fourier Artifact Suppression Technology (FAST), noninvasive blood pressure with STAT mode, respiration, and temperature. The C3 has an easy-to-view 10.4-inch color display, large numerics, and an intuitive menu structure. It features Philips’ universal connectors, providing compatibility with Philips’ supplies, 12-hour trending capabilities, and an optional, integrated strip-chart recorder.

Microstream CO2 technology is a unique sidestream approach to capnography that uses an extremely small sample flow rate, suitable for use in a wide range of hospital applications as well as outpatient surgical procedures in oral surgery, ophthalmology, and dermatology clinics. The monitor continuously analyzes and records CO2 concentrations in respiratory gases to prevent hypoxia.

A variety of mounting options and 3-hour battery power make the C3 ideal for bedside use and patient transport throughout the hospital. Viewing features include large numerics that can be seen from a distance, inverse video mode for easy viewing in varied lighting conditions, and a flashing background for alarm notification. In addition, the C3’s RS232 serial port allows connection to a nurse call system and the ability to export patient data.

For further information about the C3, contact Heidi Wilson at (978) 659-7302.

 Monitor Offers Accuracy and Flexibility
Press-Mate ProdigyTM by Colin Medical Instruments Corp offers the parameters, accuracy, ease of use, and flexibility that clinicians need. Features include dynamic linear cuff deflation, large, colorful LEDs, unique two-plane display design, patient-identification capability, user-designed cuff interval programs, motion-tolerant SpO2 (optional), 7-second E-Temp (optional), and a lifetime warranty. The Press-Mate is offered in eight models, each with oscilloscopic measurement method, neonatal-to-adult patient range, semiconductor sensor pressure detection, 10 mm Hg to 300 mm Hg pressure display range, and 40 bpm to 240 bpm pulse-rate display range.

All models come equipped with a reusable adult cuff, adult 3.5-m pressure hose, power cord, and operation manual. A range of reusable and disposable blood pressure cuffs to fit adults, children, and infants; a neonatal cuff pressure hose; recorder paper; a rolling stand; and a communication interface card are also available.

Learn more about the Press-Mate Prodigy at  or call 800-829-NIBP (6427).