A3 Mobile foundation; defibrillator analyzer; online resource guides

d04a.jpg (10062 bytes)Antenna’s A3 enhances productivity
Antenna Software’s A3 Mobile Foundation is a powerful integrated system designed to enhance productivity and increase efficiency in the performance-driven environments of field service and sales.

A3 helps mobile medical equipment personnel become more productive and enables companies to save money by operating more efficiently in the field. Antenna’s software extends customer relationship management (CRM) systems (such as Siebel, Clarify CRM, and enterprise systems) onto mobile communication devices (Motorola two-way devices, RIM BlackBerry wireless handhelds, Pocket PCs, SmartPhones, and hybrids) carried by mobile workers.

Antenna’s A3 product is a field-proven wireless management application that is always on and available, regardless of local area network coverage. It has built-in support for diverse network carriers, which shields users from complexities while transparently optimizing network traffic, security, and guaranteed message delivery. It also provides key services to each of Antenna’s A3 applications, handling all critical performance, transactional, security, and administrative functions.

d04a.jpg (10062 bytes)Fluke Family of Accessories Grows
Fluke Corp’s C1600 Hard Case storage system has a deep interior with a fitted tray large enough to hold and protect gear while allowing space for accessories and other test essentials. The lockable lid has a rubber gasket that seals out on-the-job dust and moisture. The easy-open snap compartments provide storage for small parts such as fuses, batteries, probes, and leads.

The T5 kit is a starter accessory kit that includes sharp test probes, two alligator clips, and a soft case.

The TLK-220 SureGrip™ industrial test lead kit offers heavy-duty test leads appropriate for industrial test situations. The leads are 1000 V CAT III-, 600 V IV-rated. Included are two test probes, two large-jaw alligator clips, two plunger-style alligator clips, and two heavy-duty right-to-straight test leads.

The TLK-225 SureGrip™ master accessory kit comes with a complete set of test probes, clips, pincer clips, and connectors.

The 87-Retrofit is designed for Fluke 83, 85, 87-3, and 787DMMs. The kit includes a holster, LCD display upgrade, premium test leads, clips, replacement fuses, and MeterCleaner™ wipes.

The i410 Kit includes an i410 1-400A AC rms, 1-400A DC current clamp, and the i1010 Kit comes equipped with an i1010 1-600A AC rms, 1-1000A DC current clamp.

d04a.jpg (10062 bytes)BC Group Announces New Defibrillator Analyzer
BC Group has introducted a new line of defibrillator analyzers: the DA-2003, without pacing, and the DA-2003P, with pacing capabilities.

The new DA-2003 Series offers outstanding performance in defibrillator testing. An easy-to-view large graphic display with menu interface allows easy access to all tests. The DA-2003P provides all the features of a basic defibrillator analyzer plus transthoracic pace-testing capability. Both models include the Shock Advisory Algorithm test, which tests the advisory provided by automatic defibrillators, and bidirectional RS232/printer output.

The DA-2003 measures delivered energy in watt seconds (joules) with a simulated human resistance of 50 ohms. The defib pulse can be replayed for viewing on a recorder or oscilloscope. Synchronization time in milliseconds is measured and displayed from the “R” wave.

The DA-2003P includes all of the features of the DA-2003, plus tests and displays of pulse rate, pulse width, current, voltage, and refractory periods. Pacer loads from 50 ohms to 2,300 ohms are built in.

The DA-2003 is priced at US$1,395 the DA-2003P is priced at US$2,849.

d04a.jpg (10062 bytes)QuadTech Offers Online Resource Guides
QuadTech Inc, an electronic test equipment manufacturer in the electrical safety and passive component testing market, has announced the availability of five collections of some of QuadTech’s most informative archived application notes.

The notes have been organized into five basic collections:
•    The EST Collection: common electrical safety tests and how they should be performed, testing terminology, procedures, operator safety issues, and agency test standards;
•    The LCR Collection: an overview of inductance, capacitance, resistance, and other impedance parameters; measurement circuits; mathematical equations; connection considerations; and helpful tips on how to get the most accurate results;
•    The Components Collection: measurement of electrical properties of devices such as capacitors, inductors, sensors, and transducers;
•    The Materials Collection: the measurement of dielectric constant and loss for solid and liquid materials;
•    The IEC 60601-1 Collection: the structure of this medical electrical equipment standard, national deviations to the standard, and device approval and electrical safety testing requirements under this standard.