New Hipot Tester, Hat Lights, mAs Meter C-Arm System

 Siemens Introduces Biplane C-Arm system
Siemens Medical Solutions introduces the AXIOM Artis dBC, the first biplane C-arm system with two digital flat panel detectors. This enables the system to reach all imaging speeds necessary for cardiology, and the system’s flexible architecture enables optimal configuration for diagnostic and interventional cardiology.

The Artis dBC features all of the performance standards of other AXIOM Artis technologies, including enhanced workflow and efficiency, optimal image quality, reduced radiation, and patient comfort and safety.

d05b.jpg (10802 bytes)FlukE Debuts New Hat Lights
Fluke Corp, a supplier of test and measurement equipment, introduces two new accessories designed to shed light on dark work areas.

Intended for use in dark job environments, the battery-powered Fluke L205 clips to the brim of a baseball-style hat and lights the area immediately in front of the user.

The Fluke L206 can be attached to an industrial hard hat with an integrated nylon strap.

The hands-free hat lights make taking measurements in dark areas of electrical, electronic, and industrial sectors more convenient and safe and affordable.

 QuadTech Announces New Hipot Tester
QuadTech Inc, an electronic test equipment manufacturer in the electrical safety and passive component-testing marketplace, announces the availability of the Model 1030S Guardian Hipot Testers. This newest addition to the family offers a variety of features for electrical safety testing on a wide range of products. All functions can be programmed via front panel or remotely via RS-232. Through its eight-channel scanner, the Guardian 1030S can perform a variety of tests:

    •    AC Hipot tests over a programmable voltage range from 50 V to 5,000 V, with leakage current detection from 1 mA to 30 mA
    •    DC Hipot tests over a programmable voltage range from 50 V to 6,000 V, with leakage current detection from 0.1 mA to 10 mA
    •    Insulation resistance measurements over the range of 100 kž to 50 Gž, with a programmable test voltage from 50 V to 1,000 V DC.

 mAs Meter Added to Dale’s Product Line
Dale Technology has broadened its product line by introducing the DALE7000 Intelligent mAs Meter. The meter measures mAs, exposure time, and mA. It provides three sample mA waveforms (delayed or not delayed) so that radiographic and mammogrpahic preheat circuits can be analyzed and adjusted without an oscilloscope. The DALE7000 can include or exclude the first 10 milliseconds of the mA waveform to avoid measuring the initial influx of current at the beginning of the exposure sample.