Ventilator-Testing and -Training Tool; X-Ray Meters

 Ventilator Testing & Training Tool
Michigan Instruments Inc (Grand Rapids, Mich) presents TTL® and PneuView® ventilator testing and training systems. These systems provide a precise simulation of the patient, ensuring a realistic load to the ventilator and/or other respiratory care devices under test.

The systems are ideal for ensuring accurate calculation of inspired volume and flow rates—along with dozens of other important breath parameters—while accurately accounting for variables such as backpressure, gas temperature, and barometric pressure. The TTL and PneuView systems measure and rely upon such factors to directly calculate the volume of gas entering each lung. Displays include selectable real-time graphs of all waveform data and breath parameters, flow-volume and pressure-volume loops, numeric displays, and charting of trend data. The full array of measured parameters can be organized into tables and annotated by the user for displaying, saving to files, and/or printing in the form of concise reports. All parameters can be trended for up to 72 hours. The data may be exported in a number of formats for use in reporting or with other applications. For additional information, call Michigan Instruments at (800) 530-9939. Visit the company’s Web site at:

 X-Ray Meters
PTW (Hicksville, NY) offers the Diavolt™ line of x-ray meters for noninvasive kVp, relative mAs, PPV (practical peak voltage), and exposure time. Diavolt is a compact, lightweight, handheld unit featuring auto-start, auto-stop, auto-range, automatic 180° rotation of display when the unit is turned for under-couch applications, and an analog output so the kVp waveform can be displayed on a storage oscilloscope.

Diavolt is fast, accurate, and stable, and can easily measure low-energy- range mammography units, high-frequency units, and dental panorama units. Diavolt has an external power supply and is operated by rechargeable batteries. The 6 models available are Universal for all types of modalities, MULTI for numerous types of modalities excluding mammography, MAM for mammography, CT for computed tomography, DENT for dental and dental panorama, and RAD/FLU for radiographic and fluoroscopic.

For additional information, contact PTW at (516) 827-3181 or Visit PTW’s Web site at

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