by Marian Benjamin

d01a.JPG (12063 bytes)Marian Benjamin, Editor, 24×7

We have a new home. 24×7 has moved production to Los Angeles, and I have just completed my first month as editor. During this short time, I have learned a lot about the world of biomeds thanks to Marie Marchese, former editor of 24×7; our editorial advisory board; and local biomed societies. I have a long way to go, however, and I am counting on all of the 24×7 readers to suggest topics of interest, issues that affect them, and people we should be talking to.

I hope that all of you will be generous with your feedback—positive and negative—so that we can continue to bring you a publication that targets your needs and keeps you engaged.

This issue has a new look, also. We have been busy experimenting with graphics, fonts, and layout and have come up with what we think is a look that will draw you in. We hope the content, too, will capture your interest.

Certification seems to be a concern for BMETs. Does it have value? Should it be mandatory? Inside, on page 28, we talk to some of your colleagues about certification and the challenge of ensuring that examinations really test the skills of biomeds.

Another issue that I have been made aware of is that of education and the paucity of institutions that offer programs for medical technicians. We plan to focus on education in the coming months and will be talking to the heads of biomed departments at universities, colleges, and other educational institutions to see what they offer.

Wireless technology is also an issue that affects biomeds, and in an article on page 19, C. Wayne Hibbs and other biomeds share their thoughts about the technology and whether it will change the responsibilities of biomeds and how they can meet the challenges it presents.

Throughout this issue, you will see invitations to contribute to 24×7. We hope you will consider taking advantage of these opportunities to communicate with your peers.

I am looking forward to meeting you at the October AFSMI Summit and at other events throughout the year. These will be ideal occasions for me to talk with you and learn about your concerns and what topics you would like to see addressed in 24×7.

Be sure to complete 24×7’s annual employment survey by Oct 1. The survey is online at:

In December we’ll report on how supply, demand, and competition have affected BMETs’ salaries and benefits.

Thanks for your assistance thus far. By focusing 24X7 on the field of biomed, I’ll be able to ensure its editorial timeliness and relevance.

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