Everybody in the (Self-Insurance) Cost Pool!

 Healthcare organizations today have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to servicing medical equipment. By evaluating the pros and cons of each option, a leader of biomedical services can do much to maximize equipment reliability and safety while minimizing support costs.

Among the options for medical equipment service are the following:

  • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) time and material or service contracts;
  • Third party or depot repair, time and material or service contracts;
  • Equipment support insurance policies; and
  • Last, but not least, in-house biomedical equipment service.

Each of these service options has inherent advantages and disadvantages, so no one option is best for every piece of equipment or system. When you consider, too, that different equipment systems have singular support needs, it is wise to evaluate different options carefully.

Our in-house biomedical engineering department has found the self-insurance cost pool to be the most successful tool for managing and minimizing service costs.

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