From distributor Contact East comes the Weller Silver Series dual digital soldering station, which permits the use of two irons, each with its own independent temperature setting. Tip temperature is electronically controlled through a temperature range of 100 degrees F to 850 degrees F. A push-button temperature control with LED readout shows temperature settings and tip temperature. The power base features a static dissipative housing to prevent ESD damage. The station operates on 120VAC and comes with a three-wire power cord. For further information, call Contact East, toll-free, at 1-800-225-5370, or visit the company’s Web site, www.contacteast.com.

Flow Tek Inc. (Boulder, Colo.) offers commercial-grade Microlite cord for patient overhead bed light pulls, bathrooms and nurses’ stations. Available in three fluorescent colors — M-1 orange, M-2 green and M-3 yellow-green — Microlite cord is nonconductive, nontoxic and odorless. It cleans easily and can be sterilized. The M-3 yellow-green, in particular, when exposed to a light source for 20 minutes, will glow in the dark for six to eight hours. All cords measure .080 inch +/- .005 inch in diameter and are available in 500-foot and 1,000-foot rolls. A 20-foot sample is available upon request. For further information, contact Flow Tek by phone at 303-530-3050, or by e-mail at Microlite@monic.com.

Sencore Inc. (Sioux Falls, S.D.) introduces the SA1501 portable Spectrum Analyzer as perfect for field installation and troubleshooting applications from 100 kHz to 1 GHz. It analyzes TV antenna reception, CATV or MATV signals, cellular, two-way radio, pager, FM broadcast, telemetry RF generators, RF transmitters and any signals in the RF spectrum to 1 GHz. It comes field-equipped with a Ni-Cad battery pack, carrying case, transport handle and protective cover. For additional information, call Sencore at 605-339-0100, or visit the company’s Web site, www.sencore.com.

The Endoscopy division of Smith & Nephew Inc. (Andover, Mass.) has come out with the Dyonics Vision 337 Autoclavable Camera System. The three-chip endoscopic camera and detachable coupler has been designed to withstand the rigors of steam autoclaving, considered one of the harshest methods of sterilization. The detachable coupler enables the Vision 337 system to be compatible with standard direct-view endoscopes. For more information, call Smith & Nephew at 978-749-1000. The company is a subsidiary of Smith & Nephew plc (London).

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