Jensen Tools Inc. (Phoenix, Ariz.) is offering the Euro Tool Multi-Nut Plier, suitable for home or professional use by mechanics, repair persons and electricians. Constructed of stainless steel with cushion PVC grips, the multi-nut’s long jaws reach into difficult-to-access places. It tightens smaller nuts and bolts, holds hard-to-reach heads when tightening bolts, and its V-shaped jaws on the sides and end foster many uses. It also works well as a companion tool, allowing the user to hold on to larger bolts and torque down smaller ones. For additional information, call Jensen, toll-free, at 800-426-1194, or visit the company’s Web site at

Medi-Products (Stamford, Conn.) announces the Reassurance Back-up Power System, a compact, portable unit designed to supply electricity to nonlife-supporting equipment during a power outage or brownout, When the Reassurance “senses” a power failure, it activates within 20-30 milliseconds, then transfers back once utility power is restored. The system has no moving parts and needs no gas or oil, only a change of batteries. When not in use, it automatically re-energizes. For more information, call Medi-Products, toll-free, at 800-765-3237, or at 203-348-2886. Address inquiries to the company at 30 Nurney St., Stamford, Conn., 06902.

Sencor Inc. (Sioux Falls, S.D.) introduces the CP288-U, the ColorPro Color Analyzer with a USB connector. Among its features: Windows GUI, with four options for displaying data; sync-locked measurements; industry-standard measurement units and display modes, with readings displayed in Yxy, RGB and color temperature in degrees Kelvin; and the capability to program reference data easily. For additional details, call Sencore at 605-339-0100, or visit the company’s Web site at

Steril-Aire Inc. (Cerritos, Calif.) offers the new, compact Model SA-UVSR Radiometer for measuring UV output. Designed for ease in monitoring, the SA-UVSR model uses a highly visible green-yellow-red LED readout to indicate the relative output of the UV light source being measured. Other features include an electrical requirement of 24Vac, 60Hz and 0.2 amps; optical/electrical and component operating temperature range of 35 degrees to 160 degrees Fahrenheit; and a choice of “normally open” (NO) or “normally closed” (NC) 3.0 amp relay, with input intensity set points for variable control. For more information, call Steril-Aire at 562-467-8484, or visit the company’s Web site at

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