Fetal simulator; coax tester; ECG leads; monitor tester

productFetal Simulator
The Metron PS-320 offers comprehensive simulation for testing and training on fetal monitoring, creating signals for ultrasound (single or twins), TOCO (external or IUP), maternal and fetal ECG, and a variety of arrythmias and uterine activity scenarios, all in a battery-powered, palm-sized package. Customers say, “It sure beats tapping on the transducer.” For more information, telephone 888-863-8766, or visit www.metron-biomed.com.

productCoax/Data/Tone Tester
Xcelite, a CooperTools brand, introduced the DataCom CDD1B Coax/Data/Tone Tester that can test unshielded telephone cable with RJ-11 and RJ-45 connectors, as well as coax cable, so you don’t need two types of tester. Also, a mapping function can locate up to seven lines at a time, testing conditions before or after installation. All for a suggested price of $180. Available through Xcelite dealers. More information can be found at www.coopertools.com.

productECG Snap Leads
Bioconnect, a division of RF Industries, introduced a new ECG Snap Lead with Santoprene TPE insulation, which is impervious to most hospital cleaning agents, and 65-strand conductors for increased flexibility and long life. Unique flex-relief design and screw-machined cage jacks with beryllium copper spring contacts give reliable connections. The leads are compatible with all DIN safety-type ECG cables. For additional information, call 888-775-2372 or visit www.bioconnectinc.com.

productComputer Monitor Tester
Jensen Tools now carries the VGA-Plus computer monitor tester, with 16 switch-selectable functions to diagnose all VGA-type monitors, projectors, LCD displays and video capture equipment without the need of a computer. Functions include Purity, Blank Raster, High Voltage Regulation, Pincushion, Convergence, Linearity, Color Balance and Synch Rate, with sequencing functions for burn-in testing. Install a 9V battery and go. Call Jensen for details at 800-426-1194 or see www.jensentools.com.

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