CooperTools has a new tester for troubleshooting wiring in patch cords and coaxial cables. The Xcelite DataCom TDT-1 uses both speech and lights to indicate cable conditions, making it unnecessary to look at the tester to interpret lighting sequences. The TDT1 identifies open, short and good cables, and checks F-type and BNC coaxial cables as well as RJ-11 and RJ-45 telephone cables. A battery light indicates low juice. For more information, contact CooperTools at 919-362-1670, or visit its Web site at

Dale Technology has introduced the DALE800 tester, an analyzer that verifies the electrical safety of ultrasound transducers independent of their ultrasound machines. The risk current may be checked between patients while cleaning the transducer while it is immersed in the cleaning solution. It’s easy to use, with a green Pass light or red Fail light indicating test results. Initially, unique adapters to connect to HP/Agilent transducers will be offered. For more information, contact Dale Technology at 800-544-3253, or visit its Web site at