d05a.jpg (10980 bytes)December, a physician friend here at St. John’s Hospital came to me and asked if I could assist him in getting rid of an X-ray unit that was in an office he owned so he could re-rent the space to another physician. I told him I would go look at it.

What I found was a very old Picker upright chest fluoroscope that is truly a relic from the past [see photos]. Aside from a thick layer of dust, the unit was in mint condition. There is indication that it is a Model T-10, serial number 2322. I enlisted the help of a few hospital maintenance buddies and moved the unit over to the radiology department, setting it up as a static display until I can find a better resting place — hopefully in a museum.

The physician who owned this unit died 4-5 years ago and I am unable to gather any history locally. Picker, now Marconi, [soon to be Philips] has been unable to give me any information about the unit.

The high voltage leads are not insulated. The X-ray tube, a Machlett MR-50, is air-cooled and also non-insulated.

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