Ventilator Tester
BC Group (St. Louis) is introducing its Certifier-FA, an advanced measuring tool for parameters related to respiratory equipment maintenance. Certifier-FA works with air, nitrous oxide, and oxygen. Some of the parameters measured include flow, volume, tidal volume, breaths per minute, I:E ratio, and oxygen concentration. Certifer-FA may be used to test ventilators, oxygen concentrators, and other equipment typically found in the respiratory care and anesthesia environments. For more information, contact BC Group at 314-638-3800, or visit its Web site at

Tool & Tester Line
CooperTools (Raleigh, N.C.) is debuting its new Xcelite
DataCom line of tools and testers, including individual Xcelite cutters, strippers and crimp tools. A newly designed line of Xcelite DataCom testers is available for telecommunications/cable installers, service personnel and data network technicians. For more information, contact CooperTools at 919-362-1670, or visit its Web site at

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