d01a.jpg (7783 bytes)The Critter Collar Hunter
In your Browser section titled “You Gotta Love It” [May 2001], the last sentence states, “What’s next? Flavored tongue depressors?” FYI, flavored tongue depressors have been on the market for about seven years. They are manufactured by Hardwood Products in Guilford, Maine. Also, I called information to get the phone number for Code White, Inc. so that we may order some of the products in the article. There was no listing! Could you please send us the correct info?

Ronald Luich, PE
Waterford, Conn.

Code White writes, “Critter Collars can be found in several nursing specialty and medical catalogs, including Cotton Scrubs and Company, Nurses Station, McCoy Health Science Supply Catalog, as well as medical bookstores and hospital gift shops nationwide. Retailers can buy directly from Code White in quantities of one dozen or more. Suggested retail price is $19.95 per Critter Collar.”

For more information, contact Janice Siemieniec, Code White, Inc., P.O. Box 387, Plainfield, Ill. 60544, call 815-436-0418 or e-mail crittercollar@mediaone.net.

Returning the Gag
Loved page 6 [April 2001’s “Rouser”]. But I think the “Hoax Baffles Biomed…”  disclaimer should have been on page 51.

Jack Davis, CBET
Columbus County Hospital
Whiteville, N.C.

Got us! The April issue only had 48 pages.

Feel the Burn
[Re: April “Up Front: A Burning for Learning.”] For years, the California Medical Instrumentation Association has been using teleconferencing for two of the quarterly state board meetings. Thanks to the gracious assistance of Catholic Healthcare West, we are able to eliminate two 1,000 mile roundtrips yearly for half of the board members. We alternate face-to-face South (L.A.) and North (San Francisco) meetings with videoconferences. This also saves our membership paying reimbursements for travel costs.

William D. Knight
President, Capitol Region Chapter
Calif. Medical Inst. Assoc.

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