Museum of Questionable Medical Devices

d03a.jpg (8055 bytes)Museum owner, quack-buster and occasional W.C. Fields impersonator Bob McCoy bought his first exhibit 30 years ago. The Psychograph (seen below) is now a prominent part of this Minneapolis museums’ collection and for $3.00 it will read the bumps on your head. Yet next to this fun contraption is a sobering display dedicated to Dr. Albert Abrams, “The King of Quackery”  who for decades preached that the “Electronic Reactions of Abrams” would detect and cancel diseased vibrations in patients.

Funny and thought-provoking, it’s the world’s largest public collection of quack devices and the subject of a book published last year, Quack!: Tales of medical fraud from the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices, written by McCoy.

You can find the Museum at 201 Main Street SE, Minneapolis, Minn., along the Historic Mississippi Mile. It’s mainly open evenings and closed Monday, so call first at 612-379-4046, or check its Web site at

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