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Read with interest the Soapbox article on certification [February 2001]. Just what we need, another requirement we must meet in order to keep our jobs. Nobody in the biomedical field denies that equipment is becoming more computerized. We need to know how to maintain it, so we need the proper training. My problem is not with training, it is with certification that becomes a source of revenue for the certifying agency and little else. Renewal of certification based on acquiring of points for some activities, but not others that could be just as valid, is also counterproductive. Certification should be a means of assuring that a person who is certified is capable of handling the work.

George Williamson, CBET
Starfire Alarm Systems
Evergreen Park, IL

PS: We are not big but we are good!

Horsing Around
Re: “From the Horse’s Mouth” [Up Front, March 2001]
Congrats, and thanks for adding to the issue of getting biomeds involved in our profession. If I interpret your article correctly you are suggesting that if a biomed wants to secure his/her job, they need to be actively pursuing their own success and not relying on the medical professionals to presume “their” biomed is down in the basement keeping patients safe and well. This topic has flown all over the BiomedTalk listserv and it is obvious there are many that listen, but just as obvious that there are as many that don’t. The old comment that “I’m too busy to do that” is now obsolete. It is far too clear that “just doing your job” is not the key to survival. Keep it up. If the profession is to survive we will certainly need people like you to serve as our mouthpiece, not only to tell the rest of the world, but to keep check on ourselves.

Dana Fayette
Manager, Customer Service and Technical Support
SonoSite, Inc.
Bothel, Wash.

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