Patient simulator; SPO2 tester; patient computer cart; branch circuit monitor

photoPatient Simulator
Armstrong Medical Industries Inc. (Lincolnshire, Ill.) is announcing its RhythmSIM basic and advanced patient simulators. RhythmSIM offers more than 60 simulated rhythms. Using a standard ECG monitor, the device simulates between 1 and 12 leads while operating on both AC and DC power. It is fully portable with up to 20 hours of battery power, and features a low-battery indicator. The company also offers an optional television interface. For more information, contact Armstrong at 800-323-4220, or visit its Web site at

photoPatient Computer Cart
Ergotron (St. Paul, Minn.) has released a new addition to its mobile cart line, the MWS-102, specifically designed to accommodate patients who are temporarily or permanently bed-ridden. Users can swing, lift, tilt and turn a flat-panel monitor and keyboard into an infinite number of positions while in an upright, semi-reclined or fully reclined position. Internal cable management options conceal and route cables, keeping them organized and out of the way. For more information, contact Ergotron at 800-888-8458, or visit its Web site at

photoSPO2 Tester
Clinical Dynamics Corp. (Wallingford, Conn.) has updated its SmartSat SPO2 tester. SmartSat uses accurate direct electrical simulation for testing the monitor, while the probe continuity function tests pulse oximeter probes. A new internal battery improves and increases battery life by 50 percent. For more information, contact Clinical Dynamics at 800-247-6427, or visit its Web site at

photoBranch Circuit Monitor
MGE UPS Systems (Costa Mesa, Calif.) is offering its new Branch Circuit Monitor. The system automatically checks the current on all 42-branch circuits of a panel board, instantly sounding alarms if any circuit exceeds its user-defined current limit, or “trip point.” The monitor also provides exact current consumption details on every circuit, eliminating the need for manual measurements. For more information, contact MGE at 714-557-1636, or visit its Web site at

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