D-Fib manikin; maintenance management device; electrical meter; battery analyzer

photoD-fib Manikin
Armstrong Medical Industries Inc. (Lincolnshire, Ill.) is introducing the Actar D-fib manikin for CPR and AED training. The Actar’s training features include jaw thrust, abdominal thrust, head tilt with closeable airway, realistic chest compressions and necessary landmarks. It is compatible with all training electrodes, which do not interfere with chest compressions and can easily be removed. For more information, contact Armstrong at 800-323-4220 or visit its Web site at www.armstrongmedical.com.

photoPaperless Maintenance Management
Phoenix Data System Inc. (Southfield, Mich.) is releasing its Palm/AIMS technology. Palm/AIMS enables work orders to be loaded into the Palm Pilot from the AIMS host. Palm/AIMS allows users in the field to complete work orders, create new work orders, add equipment and update the AIMS host database. Palm/AIMS is compatible with all Palm Pilot models that support the Palm OS API. For more information, contact Phoenix at 800-541-2467 or visit its Web site at www.aims-cmms.com.

photoBattery Analyzer
Cadex Electronics (Richmond, B.C., Canada) is launching the C7200 programmable battery analyzer. The two-station analyzer checks most battery chemistries and offers in-depth diagnosis of technical problems in four minutes. Featuring the self-learning “Quick Test,” the C7200 has a neuro-logic network based on “fuzzy” logic that adapts to new chemical combinations, and after three cycles “learns” each battery matrix. The analyzer also offers a 10-second Ohm test, which checks the pass/fail condition of a battery. For more information, contact Cadex at 800-565-5228 or visit its Web site at www.analyzers@cadex.com.

photoElectrical Meter
Powerlines (Waterbury, Conn.) is announcing its ZM-100 electrical meter for measuring the mains impedance of active AC power sources. The ZM-100 works on AC systems of 120 VAC to 480 VAC and is protected with 100,000 AIC fuses. Kelvin connected test leads provide accurate measurements. For more information, contact Powerlines at 888-293-7051 or visit its Web site at www.powerlines.com.

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