Robotic lawn mower; image intensifier replacement; telephone line checker; portable air conditioner

photoRobotic Lawn Mower
Friendly Robotics (Dallas) is introducing Robomow, a robotic lawn mower, to the U.S. market. Guided by perimeter wires secured by plastic bags, the robotic lawn mower uses an onboard computer with proprietary RoboScan technology, ultrasonic sensors and sensitivity bumpers to cover every square foot of a lawn approximately 10 times, ensuring the best cut from every angle. Robomow runs on rechargeable batteries, making it emission-free and quiet. It also mulches the cut grass and deposits clippings back into the yard as a natural fertilizer. For more information, contact Friendly Robotics at 888-404-ROBO, or visit its Web site at

photoImage Intensifier Replacements
Richardson Electronics (LaFox, Ill.) has released two new large-field image intensifier replacements: one for Philips Medical Systems’ 36 cm to 38 cm image intensifiers and the other for Siemens’ 40 cm model. Both replacements are based on the Thomson TH9447HX image tube. The Philips replacement uses on original Philips 3I or non-3I housing reloaded with the Thomson 16-inch image tube. The Siemens replacement utilizes a complete Thomson 16-inch iage tube with a Thomson housing, new power supply, and the original Siemens distributor. For more information, contact Richardson at 630-208-2200, or visit its Web site,

photoTelephone Line Checker
B&K Precision Corp. (Placentia, Calif.) announced its Model 201 telephone line checker. Model 201 quickly checks if a phone line is digital or analog before the line is connected to a modem, thereby protecting the modem from damage. After the phone line is plugged into the Model 201 receptacle, or the Model 201 is plugged into the wall jack, the device identifies if the line is safe, has a polarity reversal, or if the line is open. Model 201 also incorporates a line noise filter to counteract radio frequency interference (RFI), which can corrupt data and interrupt internet, fax and e-mail connections. For more information, contact B&K Precision at 714-237-9220, or visit its Web site at

photoPortable Air Conditioner
Koldwave (Westfield, Mass.) has released its Airmaster portable air conditioner. Operating entirely independent of existing central systems, Airmaster can be used for emergency or back-up cooling, primary or supplemental air conditioning, or spot cooling. The unit rolls on heavy-duty casters and comes in five sizes ranging from 10,000 BTUH to 65,000 BTUH. Dual flexible air nozzles and optional ducting kits are also available. For more information, contact Koldwave at 413-568-9571.

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