Computerized biomed toolbelt; gas flow analyzer

Biomed Toolbelt
St. Croix Systems Inc. (St. Croix Falls, Wis.) is introducing its Biomed’s Toolbelt, combining the WOSYST Version 3 equipment management software program, the ViA II Wearable PC and the PIVIT for WOSYST software tool. The ViA II Wearable PC provides a user with the full power and functionality of a laptop and allows hands-free access to the WOSYST database. For more information, contact St. Croix at 715-483-1070 or visit its Web site at

Gas Flow Analyzer
Bio-Tek Instruments (Winooski, Vt.) has released its VT Plus gas flow analyzer, featuring bi-directional sensor technology. The light-weight, rugged unit measures pressures, flows, volume, oxygen concentration and barometric pressure. The VT Plus is compatible with ventilators utilizing bias flow, PEEP, CPAP, pressure support and volume support technologies. For more information, contact Bio-Tek at 802-655-4040, or visit its Web site at