Anesthesia delivery system; selectable collimator; flat panel display; event planner

Anesthesia Delivery System
Spacelabs Medical (Redmond, Wash.) is announcing its Ultraview Anesthesia Delivery System, designed to deliver and regulate the flow of anesthetic agents and gases during surgery. The Ultraview model 2002 contains Spacelabs’ perioperative monitoring and information systems including Ultraview OR monitors with five-agent multi-gas analysis, continuous 12-lead ST segment monitoring and Bispectral Index (BIS) monitoring. Model 2001 accommodates monitors from most other manufacturers. For more information, contact Spacelabs at 425-882-3700, or visit its Web site,

flat panel display monitor
Aydin Displays, Inc. (Horsham, Penn.) is debuting its new flat panel display monitor, the MRI/18L. The monitor, which operates at MRI field strength of 0.2 to 1.5 Tesla, is immune to magnetic fields up to 750 gauss and can be used within 30 inches of the MRI head coil. The model combines high-resolution, wide-angle viewing with a color liquid-crytal display. For more information, contact Aydin Displays at 215-830-9515, or visit its Web site at 

selectable collimator
Huestis Medical (Bristol, R.I.) has released its Selectable collimator which provides pre-formatted sizing without the complexity of traditional positive beam limitation (PBL) systems. These pre-formatted controls allow technicians to choose film size and source-to-image distance (SID) directly from the front panel of the collimator. The model measures 6 in.-by-10.5 in.-by-9 in. and weighs 14 lbs. For more information, contact Huestis at 800-972-9222, or visit its Web site at

event planner
Phoenix Data Systems (Southfield, Mich.) is offering its AIMS Event Planner software. Through automatic reminder notices, the package provides the ability to schedule and monitor events associated with completing work requests and/or administrative responsibilities. Managers can track the progression of work efforts, provider’s response times, meetings and special project deadlines. For more information, contact Phoenix Data at 248-358-3366.