Ultrasound Probe Repair

MEDRAD Multi Vendor Service (MVS), Warrendale, Pa, launches its TotalRepair service—a guaranteed repair solution on select ultrasound probes. Aimed at making efficient use of shrinking health care budgets and enabled by MVS’s 100% probe repair capabilities, the new service provides customers with a guaranteed repair solution on select ultrasound probes and sets a capped “worst-case scenario” price up front.

Facilities can also take advantage of an extended 6-month warranty on select standard probes to help further reduce repair and replacement costs. Transesophageal (TEE) probes are covered under a 90-day warranty.

Medrad MVS employs more than 200 field-based personnel, who provide third-party service on ultrasound transducers, parts, MRI coils, and imaging product services.

(800) MEDRAD

Service Rebate

Ampronix Inc, Irvine, Calif, has developed its own economic stimulus program that will provide approved medical facilities with a $125 rebate for service or repairs exceeding $500. The program will offer the discount to both new and existing customers. After making a qualifying purchase, interested customers can contact the company to receive a $125 stimulus certificate, which includes a certificate identification number that entitles the customer to a one-time repair or service deduction for 2009. Rebate certificates expire at the end of the year. ISO and ESD certified, Ampronix provides quick turnaround times, preventive maintenance, and advanced replacements.

(949) 273-8000

Medical Device Textbook

Medical Device Technology: Principles and Design by BCIT faculty member and program head Anthony Chan, MEng, MSc, PEng, CEng, CCE, published by Charles C. Thomas Publisher Ltd, Springfield, Ill, provides a resource for both biomedical engineering programs and active biomeds looking to learn more about the engineering, design, and application of medical device technology. The comprehensive 582-page textbook contains sections on all major medical devices and is the result of 5 years of research and writing by the author, who has nearly 25 years of experience in the industry. It is Chan’s second book, following Medical Technology Management Practice, published in 2003. Both books are available for purchase from major online distributors and through the publisher’s Web site.

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Training and Reference Textbook

A Practicum for Biomedical Engineering &amp Technology Management Issues, edited by Leslie R. Atles, CCE, CBET, published by Kendall Hunt Publishing, Dubuque, Iowa, provides one of the most comprehensive resources on biomedical engineering and training. The book focuses on broadening and enhancing biomed training by emphasizing three principal areas: management, technologies, and reference information. It also includes contributions from more than 30 industry experts in various aspects and specialties of biomedical technology, as well as assistance from professional organizations and health care companies

Both novices and seasoned professionals will benefit from the 948-page reference tool, which affords biomeds the opportunity to learn or revisit important biomedical technology issues. Practicum also features several helpful reference guides on topics such as electrical safety codes and standards, infusion devices, computer networks, and ultrasound.

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