HIMSS Analytics, Chicago, and O’Keeffe & Co, Alexandria, Va, recently completed the Healthcare IT Sanity Check Study on behalf of IT marketing execs to determine what motivates customers’ purchasing decisions for health care.

On January 22 at 2:30 pm ET, they will present a Webinar session outlining who and what influences health care tech purchasing decisions and what health care IT vendors can do to boost marketing performance.

Among the topics are why customers buy, who makes the decisions, where decision makers get information, what information sources influence health care IT buyers, how health care IT buyers evaluate vendors, how health care IT marketing execs measure the success of their programs, challenges of communicating the value of tech to health care organizations, and how health care IT execs use information from new communication vehicles such as blogs, podcasts, and Webinars.

Registration is available online, or contact Nicole Burdette, O’Keeffe & Company, (610) 566-2909; or Jennifer Horowitz, HIMSS Analytics, (734) 477-0856.