Bulbtronics (Farmingdale, NY) is more than bulbs—it also offers thousands of batteries from Duracell, Eveready, Rayovac, Sanyo, Panasonic, and other top manufacturers. It carries all cell sizes and chemistries for all applications. Bulbtronics stocks it all—from standard batteries for personal electronics, rechargeable batteries, two-way radio and cell-phone batteries, to batteries for lab and medical equipment and instrumentation. Medical applications include ophthalmic and other physician instrumentation, patient monitors, and pumps used in acute care. (800) 624-2852, ext 372; www.bulbtronics.com.
Alpha Source & Access Battery
For more than 30 years, Alpha Source & Access Battery (Milwaukee) has been supplying biomedical engineers with medical-grade packs, primary cells, x-ray battery systems, computer and communications batteries, and uninterruptible power-supply systems. Additionally, the company can design custom packs. Consumers can choose from quality brands such as Enersys/Yuasa, Hawker, Panasonic, Motorola, and Energizer in every price range. In-stock items are ready to ship the same day your order is received. (800) 654-9845; www.alphasource.com.

Cadex Electronics Inc
The C7000 series of battery analyzers by Cadex Electronics Inc (Richmond, BC, Canada) tests, conditions, and restores batteries, helping to reduce their cost, increase their reliability, and prolong their life. Suitable for any industry where rechargeable batteries are used, the C7000 series offers 17 programs for fast and simple battery maintenance. Additionally, the C7000 services small and large batteries with Li-ion/Polymer, NiMH, NiCd, and lead acid chemistries.

Ease of programming, flexibility, and fast service times are attributes of the C7000. Cadex SnapLock™ battery adapters fit virtually all battery types, and the optional BatteryShop™ software offers computerized battery testing with a user-friendly yet powerful PC interface. (604) 231-7777; www.cadex.com.


Huestis Medical
Huestis Medical (Bristol, RI) specializes in diagnostic imaging solutions and remanufactured equipment. The company offers GE AMX portable replacement parts and batteries—an affordable alternative for budget-conscious facilities seeking upgraded performance or extended AMX life.

Huestis Medical is the first choice for quality parts and maintenance-free batteries for these very popular portables. Its extensive inventory of thoroughly remanufactured units, replacement parts, and battery upgrades is matched only by its remarkable reputation. (800) 747-2786; www.huestismedical.com.